BBC Documentary about Healing Powers – Wow!

I was scrolling the world wide web and I came across this amazing film. I believe that could be suitable and entertaining for the readers of our blog

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Heidi Klum vs Seal

I thought I will try a poll..I never did and it’s quite fun.

Well, it seems that the Victoria’s Secret model, Heidi Klum was not exactly faithful in her marriage, I want to know what do you all think?


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Heidi Klum – Seal divorce

Heidi Klum – Seal’s custody battle, Infidelities and what’s next?

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I read this article about Heidi Klum, the host from Project Runway and Seal’s messy divorce, yet, I don’t really categorize their divorce as messy. It’s pretty civil and they will figure things out, without major consequences.
From Spirit perspective, both deserve to have the children. However, I feel that ultimately,  Heidi will gain custody for the children. Seal will be able to visit and spend time on regular basis with all the kids, mostly with his biological ones. It seems to me that it might be 50-50 custody arrangement, which in this case is fair.

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Indeed, their differences are not going to be mended and this divorce will be final, with no ways for the couple of getting back together.

I hear from Spirits: “infidelity” . They have had problems in their marriage for the past 3 years, but they just kept composure for the outside world and the kids.
There were discussions /arguments about indiscretions, jealousy and accusations against Heidi as the cheater in the couple. He lost trust and the relationship became more of a competition based on ego, instead of cooperation.
I feel Seal – in spite the cool and collected appearance, have had rage issues.

As strange as it might feel now,the family will regain harmony. Both, will be seen shortly with different partners.

Heidi Klum will endorse two more products in the next year.  Down the road, they will remain friendly, for their own sake not because they have children. They had a strong bond when they’ve met, but its time for them to move on to new relationships.
The children don’t like the present situation and worry more about their dad, than about their mother. However, this divorce was not a surprise, so everyone was prepared emotionally somehow.

Life goes on, and the children will realign to their new routine with no much emotional damage, which it’s a wonderful think.

I worry much more about Suri Cruise, honestly … but that’s an other story that I will ask the spirits in the very near future.

Love and Light,

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Was Amy Winehouse’s soul connected with Janis Joplin’s?

Amy Winehouse will live through her music...

Janis Joplin will live through her music...

The following was a question/comment from one of the many readers we had on Amy Winehouse’s articles. I decided to answer to it as a new post format as it could be interesting for many of you to learn a little bit of the process of crossing over in different circumstances.
1.      Isn’t there a process of cleansing before she can ascend? How did abusing drugs reflects in her ethereal body? Do you think Janis Joplin made one final earthly visit through inhabiting Amy Winehouse’s energy field?
During the ascension, the human slowly drops emotional attachments to the people left behind and to places she or he loved.
After third day, the silver cord starts to darken, and eventually turns black.  Between third day and the 40th day there is a process of revisiting the memories , and no, we are not judged by anyone except  ourselves. While we see our lives, we see the good we did, and the times we could have done better.
However, there is a lot of healing for people who chose to exit this planet in a traumatic way,  such as accidents, suicides, being killed. I have seen this kind of healing done by the Luminous Beings – a council of 12 elders who have been previously on  this planet.
Most of people who abuse drugs and alcohol experience possessive entities – attached to their soul or sometimes even to their bodies, in different organs.
The process of exorcism is the expelling of the unwanted damaging life-force of someone else’s from the person under such influence. For these souls, a cleansing process through healing will occur.
The cleansing  means releasing this dense energy from the luminous body, which is composed of many bodies: emotional, mental, spiritual body.
For people who did not abuse drugs or alocohol, were not killed or killers, nothing very shocking as per human interpretation, there is not a cleansing per se, it’s more like a gentle accommodating period for majority with some energetic releases of errors of judgment. 
I feel Janis Joplin inspired Amy very much and they had similar earthly experiences to go through,  such abuse, loss, complicated love romantic relationships and not belonging.
I do not feel that Janis Joplin’s soul came through Amy’s body , if this is what you meant. Nor was attached to her energetic field. I feel Janis ONLY inspired Amy how to interpret songs and how to choose songs. I don’t feel Amy’s soul is the same soul as Janis,but they are part of the same soul group.
Dear Debbie, I hope this answer your question to your satisfaction .
On the cause of death article, yes I was 100% accurate as our readers noticed and it is exactly the Anna Nicole Smith situation all over again.:(

The cause of Death for Amy Winehouse

Rest in Peace, Amy.

An other misunderstood soul...RIP, Anna!

this is an addition to yesterday’s post regarding Amy Winehouse‘s death. As all media platforms are updating non stop on the autopsy results for Amy Winehouse and the entire world waits for an answer, I want to tell you all, ahead of time, what the cause of death was from my perspective.

Amy had a fragile physical body due to abuse of drugs as we all know. On Friday she abused such substances but not to the point of overdose.

Her weakened heart stopped from such chemical shock and the death was sudden.

Amy’s death is almost the same dilemma like in Anna Nicole Smith‘s case.

Let’s wait and see what the specialists are coming up with as a result.

With love and respect for all of you and the deceased,


Amy Winehouse’s Death and Her Journey to the other side

Rest In Peace Amy!:(

This is an emotional and unexpected topic but I am sure many of you might be interested in what I’m about to share with you.

All of us are in shock of the news that Amy Whinehouse was pronounced dead at such an early age. We all thought was a mistake and that someone should’ve been there to save her.

Here is my personal view on this situation and I am disclosing this in honesty and with respect for the passing soul.

Each night, when we “fall” asleep, we experience the release of the etheric body into the cosmic world. The etheric body or “double,” close to the physical body, and connected to it by a silvery cord of etheric material, it’s joined through the diaphragm. In this period, the etheric body is recharged with life forces energizing the physical body for the approaching period of daylight activity.

A misunderstood soul...

What we call “death,” it means the silver lifeline is severed from the body. This prevents the re-entry of the life force and any further reintegration with the physical body. With sudden death or unconsciousness, the shock or impact disengages the etheric body. This impulse originates in the heart and transmitted through the vagus nerve.

As the whole world, I’ve heard the news about Amy Winehouse passing on and  I was at first disappointed, then  conflicted as I heard  immediately from the Spirit Guides: She had the choice to stay here!
As I know, this year a lot of people, will choose to pass away, due to the intensity of many energey vortexes in  preparation for 2012. And honestly, I judged her for checking out ahead of her time thinking how selfish she was.

I felt regret for the loss of a human being in this dimension, but  knowing that the soul embarks on a different journey, I was at peace. I said a prayer for her and I gave it a rest.

It just happen that all of us, the GooRoo Girls had  a meeting scheduled in preparation of New Jersey Fashion Week and ENK NYC tradeshow in regards of our Organic Baby Line. Lots to talk and to focus on!

The meeting was very productive and we reached many decisions, of course with coffee and cake. Later we all gather around the table for dinner and a few margaritas.

As we started our dinner, I felt Amy’s presence percolating in the room. I dismissed her for a minute but she insisted: I need help NOW! It was an urgency that made me leave the dinner table in a hurry, telling my sisters: I have to go help as she doesn’t leave me alone and she sends SOS signals to me.

I went outside, by the pool, lit a candle and started to make sense of what she was communicating. She was frantic, her energy , who appeared to be dense and very grayish, was racing from one spot to another right in front of me , very fast.
She was hysterical, overwhelmed and she needed to feel safe. She showed me herself knocking at her physical body trying to go back in. She said: it was a mistake, I died on Friday, my last words were: ” This is the weirdest thing ever”, my heart stopped, I want back as I didn’t say good bye, I was lonely, music wasn’t enough for me anymore, I never fit in, I was misunderstood, I am aware of two people that  I caused pain to: a lady friend and my father, I wasn’t able to connect to anything anymore.

She was devastated and wanted back into her physical body and as I communicated to her that it’s too late and she needs to go on her new journey and connect with God ‘s other dimension of existence.

She was crying and saying I don’t want to , I want back in my body. I have never thought that I would do healing on a soul who just passed on, but I did for Amy.
She finally calmed down, I told her to accept this, I gave her a hug, I held her close to me and gently ask her to start ascending from this dark space she was now, and slowly depart. Hours later, as I still felt her around, she was indeed starting to ascend. I knew she is on her way to calm, peace and joy, versus becoming an entity floating around our planet.

You will find peace...

It’s a sad story as she was not helped, and she died misunderstood.  Simply, with a tarnish reputation. Her music also was talking about a lot of pain , struggle with self discipline and broken heart.

My belief is that, people who just passed away, need to be prayed for and not asked a hundred questions
at least 40 days after death.

So ,
out of respect for her and my experience with her, I chose to NOT to ask any
questions, not now.

was sorry for not telling people what she felt.



P.S. sorry for not posting for a while. We well get back to sharing more messages from above with you .