Top 10 Reasons you are a Capricorn

TOP 10 REASONS YOU’RE a CAPRICORN (December22-January19)

10 . You play for keeps.
9 . Your Motto : Always faithful.
8 . Work smarter not harder.
7 . Time is always on your side.
6 . Such class.
5 . You were grown up at 5.
4 . Great time-management skill.
3 . You care what other people think.
2 . Like the energizer bunny – you keep going and going.


Capricorn Yearly 2011 Horoscopes:

Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19)

Capricorn yearly horoscopes 2011

In the world of the Capricorn, indepence is the name of the game. You know what you want and have little patience waiting for others to give you permission to go get it. This year will be a nice rest from struggle, as the Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that success you’ve earned will start to take hold. You might feel some social pressures due to your desire to spend quality time with yourself, so be certain to stay balanced. Enjoy your alone time but keep things positive by making time for others as you enjoy your prosperous year.

Capricorn in 2011

Capricorn 2011 Career and Income Horoscope

The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that Confidence is yours in 2011, thanks to the influence of the Sun on everything that you touch. Per usual, people will be eyeing you and wondering how you do it. Do not let these affect your progress. The good news for everyone else is that you are feeling especially gregarious. You are willing to share your secrets, your energy and your success. Just be cautious. There is a difference between working as a team and sacrificing your efforts to remain popular. Be aware of those trying to steal the fruits of your efforts. Of course, it will only take a tiny step forward on your part, since everyone knows you’re the one making the ship run.

Capricorn 2011 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

In terms of your social life, Mars will do a bit of a number on you in 2011. The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that the onset of Mars is going to make you a bit more antisocial than usual, not to mention cranky. People might wonder at your short fuse or lack of desire to celebrate on a massive scale. This is actually an important equalizer as your energy has been worn down in 2010. The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that 2011 is about revitalizing and focusing on areas that matter, instead of wasting energy as the life of the party. By fall, you will better understand how to find balance in your life. Managing some of your internal demons will make you more capable in the other areas of your life. Don’t expect great strides on an interpersonal level this year, as you need to cultivate your personal garden and make it bloom.

Capricorn 2011 Education and Traveling Horoscope

The Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that it’s a great year to learn new things. You’ve already tapped into the vein of success; learn whatever you need to take it to the next level. As this year will be a relaxing time for you, there will be a lack of urgency in your desire to learn. That’s fine. It’s not a race and if it was, you’re already way ahead. Reward yourself with that vacation you’ve been waiting for.

Capricorn 2011 Health Horoscope

It’s time to reevaluate, according to the Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope . In the past, you have skated through with a lack of attention to your health. Don’t take it for granted. Mentally, you will have to deal with the struggle brought on by the nagging of Saturn. If you pay attention to what your body needs, give it adequate food, exercise and rest, the Capricorn 2011 yearly horoscope shows that you will be more capable of battling the attack on your psyche that 2011 will try to bring. Either way, you will find peace by the fall. It’s only a matter of whether or not you want to spend your year fighting with yourself or working towards peace.

Capricorn 2011 Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn January 2011 Horoscope

Career may pose challenges, try to get to the root cause or even with a job change you will find yourself in the same situation. Home front will be favorable and you will feel like spending all your time with loved ones and indulge in home improvement and decorating activities. Relationships will be at its best for couples and those not yet committed may enter into engagement. Bank balance will increase prompting purchases of big items like electronics and furnishings, however shop with care.

Capricorn February 2011 Horoscope

Life will proceed to your liking but lingering issues of January will still pose challenges. You will be able to handle them objectively. Your charm and charisma will be boosted due to Venus entering into your sign; you will be the most popular in your social circle. Your intuitions will be quite strong this month. Bank balance will grow this month through unexpected sources like a raise or a bonus or returns from investments spend carefully. If applying for credit card or loan, read through the fine print.

Capricorn March 2011 Horoscope

Your hands will be full with domestic and career responsibilities and you will find yourself in a balancing act. This could lead to short tempers and misunderstandings. Take time out for yourself and try to relax at the spa or a one day vacation. Relationships will otherwise be pleasant. Bank balance will still look good with an expected raise, though not quite what you hoped for. Purchase household items in the beginning of the month and you will be able to get good bargains, avoid shopping in the last week – a good looking deal will end up with disappointment.

Capricorn April 2011 Horoscope

Domestic challenges will continue though tensions will tend to ease by the month end. Your mantra should be patience and communication. Through the challenges, you will have a delightful time with friends and family. You will also serve as an inspiration to others and conversing and receiving responses from people will be quite easy. Full moon indicates power struggles and clash or egos and personalities is on the cards especially on the career front. Try and stay on sidelines.

Capricorn May 2011 Horoscope

Thankfully only minor irritations will trouble you. The month will be full of outdoor activities and entertaining with fun filled hours with family and kids. Be careful in the last 10 days of the month, haste triggers mishaps. You may receive some good news about home and family in the first 2 weeks of the month. Avoid meetings and important talks around 23 rd as any project you start then will be plagued by confusion.

Capricorn June 2011 Horoscope

Stress and tension will prevail both on the family and career front. Conflicts may arise due to elevated stress, heed to your sixth sense and take time out for self renewal and to be with your mate. Couples will have delightful and memorable moments while singles will get lots of opportunities to date. Get creative, start a hobby or something new. Career-wise time will be very productive. Pay attention to the happenings at your work place and you will be ready for what may happen later in the month.

Capricorn July 2011 Horoscope

Some relationships may be challenging, but after the New Moon things will be uplifting. Career too may pose difficulties which will directly or indirectly affect personal relationships. Try to let go of your frustrations and keep your cool. There will be monetary gains for you or your partner, but wait before making major purchases. Conduct important business and financial meetings around 8 th, 9 th and 11 th.

Capricorn August 2011 Horoscope

Mix-ups may occur on travel plans, money matters, long distance communication and legal matters. Take special precautions. For students, you may hear good news regarding a scholarship. Relationships are up and down this month. Conflict in career and family may occur on the 10 th and 25 th. Major financial decisions should be postponed until September.

Capricorn September 2011 Horoscope

With several planets in Libra this month Libra will experience career-related challenges. When Venus transits Virgo through the 13 th and Mercury advancing in the same sign form the 9 th to the 24 th communication and possibly travel are in the picture. Libra finds comprehension a snap with the Full Moon in Pisces on the 12 th. Libra experiences positive cash flow this month.

Capricorn October 2011 Horoscope

With the Full Moon in Aries, Capricorn experiences a pull in directions- family life vs. career. After the Full Moon has passed you will enjoy family time. Friends and socializing will enter the picture later in the month with energy peaks. Capricorn will experience both stress and ease on the career front.

Capricorn November 2011 Horoscope

With Mercury turning retrograde this month Capricorn experiences mix-ups and misunderstandings. Confirm dates, plans, etc. and keep backups and accurate records. Slow the pace a bit this month. Enjoy time with the family. Social life will be high. For single Capricorns, if you are looking for a new relationship, this is the month! Career advancement may be in the picture.

Capricorn December 2011 Horoscope

Capricorn experiences challenges in family and career this December. Take an easy attitude. Most days will be upbeat and Capricorn will enjoy holiday socializing. Expect weather delays if traveling. The career front is fast-paced this month. Christmas should be full with many nice gifts for the Capricorn.

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