2011 Predictions for Sandra Bullock

Bliss and Peace

Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock and her work? Who didn’t feel sorry for her when after the best day of her life, professionally speaking, when she won the Oscars, the next news about her is was that her husband Jessie James was having affairs all over town with very low class creatures?  I felt hurt for Sandra, even tough we have never met, but as a human, it’s hard not to feel for her.

However she moved on, with support from friends and family and in my opinion, that little bundle of joy that she adopted, little Louis, is the motivation of her life.

Love is coming your way..embrace it.

Let’s see what the future holds for Sandra?

This year Sandra Bullock will deal with being vulnerable and being able to risk being hurt

The first part of the year, Sandra is releasing grief and sadness and pretty much, learns who she is TODAY after the devastation of her marriage and what has transpired from her marriage in the media, which relates to her image in Hollywood and in the world.

In spite of all these, it’s advised for her to continue to remain open for the possibilities of love and intimacy. I will add here, that even tough Sandra believes that she got humiliated by her ex husband, the message to the public is not “poor Sandra”. The message to all of us and mostly women is: we are powerful, we could do better and no man will define us!

It’s also advised not to marry immediately, but being engaged or living together for 2 years minimum before tying the knot again, is welcomed! I really would’ve like to see her with Ryan Reynolds as hey are very compatible and the chemistry is there..:) Well that’s just my personal preference.

It's not the end of the world! he doesn't deserve you.

Lots of things that are said in the press are hurting Sandra and her soul is screaming : PEOPLE, PLEASE, IT’S TIME YOU ALL LET ME FIGURE OUT MY OWN LIFE! YOU ARE HURTING ME INSTEAD OF HELPING ME!

We,  the public and fans, NEED TO allow her to enjoy her life, without analyzing her every move or her attempt to have fun, joy and a social life. We all love her, why not give her the space she needs?

This year Sandra is making bold choices for her career, her fashion style ( did you see the new hairdo at the Golden Globes?), entourage, all wonderful changes and decisions.

Environmental projects will attract Sandra more and more and she will support more charities, like animals and forest projects, organic living and such. On that note, I will add Sandra welcome to the family as we are all for Organic living and protecting the Planet.

I also hear from the Spirit Guides that an other adoption might be in Sandra’s future, which it will bring her more joy and balance and will help her move on to a better place and a SUCCESSFUL relationship.

Life goes on and get ready for a new adopted baby:)

Indeed, Sandra there is a wonderful man in your future, that you will marry and will bring you bliss next to your beautiful Angels.

Love and Peace,




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