What is Ascension

Ascension: What It Is and Why Activate ?

We will ascend with our planet.

Ascension is the transformation of matter characterized by all four elements of our bodies-the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual- as they merge into an integrated whole that is capable of transcending (ascending above) the limits of the current dimension and shifting into a higher realm. Ascension activation is the process that will help you do this by essentially kicking it into gear.

The time to ascend is NOW as many factors directly interact with the process.

I am sure you have heard a lot lately about prophets and seers and conspiracy theorists about the “end of days” coming in 2012. Many also call it the “Ascension Times”. This is the time of a great purification and grants us the opportunity to ascend to a higher consciousness and live our life from a heart connection. Activating your body’s ability to ascend has never been more important.

With Aurora guiding you and helping you to activate your heart chakra, you are on your way of becoming what you were created to be.

There are 4 activations and all of them should be done for completion into ascension. They are required to be done one week or two weeks apart the most.

Fifth Dimension Lightbody Activation
Sixth Dimension Activation
Seventh Dimension Activation
12-Strand DNA Activation

Please check out my work place and services, as I sure could help.

Love and Light

The Sisters


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