The painting is part of a collection of paintings, based on energy and soul colors.

Hello, everyone. I am Aurora – a psychic medium,a certified NLP practitioner, gifted with the ability to interpret messages from spirit guides, angels and God’s consciousness about past, present and future. My guides and I can give you advice on what path you should take. I connect to the living as well as with those whom have crossed over. I am blessed with this talent of reading and healing energy since four years old, and I do it all from a place of love, absolute truth, and faith. I am using my gift of clairvoyance, channeling, prophecy, interpretation of archetypes and symbols, discerning of the spirits, wisely, ethically for all my services.
My compassion is beyond human understanding and so are my gifts.“I see energy, I heal energy, I move energy, I manifest energy, I dissolve energy” “And, in doing so, working with you, we can perform miracles together…”


Do more than exist: Live, Do more than touch: Feel, Do more than look: Observe, Do more than read: Absorb, Do more than hear: Listen, Do more than listen: Understand, Do more than think: Reflect, Do more than just talk: Say Something, Do more than pray: Have Faith.

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