Heidi Klum – Seal’s custody battle, Infidelities and what’s next?

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I read this article about Heidi Klum, the host from Project Runway and Seal’s messy divorce, yet, I don’t really categorize their divorce as messy. It’s pretty civil and they will figure things out, without major consequences.
From Spirit perspective, both deserve to have the children. However, I feel that ultimately,  Heidi will gain custody for the children. Seal will be able to visit and spend time on regular basis with all the kids, mostly with his biological ones. It seems to me that it might be 50-50 custody arrangement, which in this case is fair.

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Indeed, their differences are not going to be mended and this divorce will be final, with no ways for the couple of getting back together.

I hear from Spirits: “infidelity” . They have had problems in their marriage for the past 3 years, but they just kept composure for the outside world and the kids.
There were discussions /arguments about indiscretions, jealousy and accusations against Heidi as the cheater in the couple. He lost trust and the relationship became more of a competition based on ego, instead of cooperation.
I feel Seal – in spite the cool and collected appearance, have had rage issues.

As strange as it might feel now,the family will regain harmony. Both, will be seen shortly with different partners.

Heidi Klum will endorse two more products in the next year.  Down the road, they will remain friendly, for their own sake not because they have children. They had a strong bond when they’ve met, but its time for them to move on to new relationships.
The children don’t like the present situation and worry more about their dad, than about their mother. However, this divorce was not a surprise, so everyone was prepared emotionally somehow.

Life goes on, and the children will realign to their new routine with no much emotional damage, which it’s a wonderful think.

I worry much more about Suri Cruise, honestly … but that’s an other story that I will ask the spirits in the very near future.

Love and Light,

The  Sisters

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