2011 Predictions for Jennifer Lopez

Learn more leadership skills and OWN it!:)

This is not a 911 situation indeed, but for some reasons when I asked the spirits who should I blog about, JLo‘s name came out immediately. What’s a girl to do, but listen and do the work?:)

With GUCCI endorsements for her twins, with the American Idol show under her belt, her new single “On the floor” with Pitbull and Marc Anthony as husband, we will think that is not much that Jennifer Lopez might need or need to be aware of, but at the end of the day they are all people, so there is always something.

Here is what Spirit Guides had to say for Jennifer Lopez (JLo):

Gucci Campaign. Yummy pics:)

2011 is a year of excitement for this lovely lady and American Idol show provides plenty of memories for J Lo and unexpected emotional rewards.

Between July 25th and August 18th, J Lo will be dealing with not so good news about animal cruelty of some sort on one hand  and news from a close lady friend about an abusive relationship. This will make Jennifer Lopez sad and concerned and she will need to find strength in order to find solutions for the problems that will arise during that time.

Around October, a man with light hair and fair complexion, older gentleman, possible a friend or a relative  will get very sick which could lead to death:(

Love the picture and the red shoes:) A girl could dream:)

On the positive note, this is the year of financial increase. Many business ventures, endorsements that will bring abundance, will be offered and taken by JLo and family. In spite of all that abundance, JLo’s projects don’t seem to bring the emotional satisfacti0n that she has hoped for. Quite odd you may think, but is so common!

On American Idol,  for JLO, spirit is suggesting: “It’s time for you to assume your leadership power and position, and lovingly guide the contestants, especially to one woman, who seems to be the winner or runner up of this season”. So please JLo, focus and don’t feel that you have to be nice and please everyone, you are there to HELP these new talents.

This opportunity to be a judge on American Idol , helps J Lo to acquire better leadership skills, which she needs.

In the romance/marriage department with Marc Antony, to my surprise,  is not a very intense/passionate relationship as I thought I would find out. Instead they are great friends with love for one another. They are great life partners.

J Lo seems to appreciate his specialness and he seems to appreciate her specialness. They learnt together to let go of any fears of inadequacy.

FYI, husband, Marc Anthony will be releasing a new album which could go platinum! He has a good voice:)

JLo, will release two movies and a music album, this year. She will also nominated for an award and will win. Could be a Latin music Grammy. However in the next 2-3 years, there is a lot of fierce energy around JLo, which makes her approach many different styles of music and acting opportunities, including suspense and drama play. She is unstoppable.

Indeed, happy family...

I sense that  giving back and being very honest with her emotions, is what she will be preoccupied with from this month until mid May.  This is very intense time for her. JLo will encounter emotions of sadness, discouragement and even getting physically hurt. These are reminiscents coming from past heartaches and not so happy endings in her love life from this lifetime and previous lives as well. Also,  DNA consciousness is lurking to be healed and understood and released. Need of  healing energies will be evident, and I can help.

I felt lots of violet energy around J Lo and I suggest for her to surround herself with large vases of violets placed near doors and entries  which will help her remain detached and reserved, especially when feeling restless.

One of the lesson she is learning in this lifetime is forgiveness but because her views of life are positive , the more flexible she is the less forgiveness of herself and close ones she will have to encounter.

Meditation, Yoga and Pilates are what J Lo does/should do to be in touch with spirit. Walking barefoot in sand  grounds her as well. I sense her having a spiritual view not a dogmatic religion view, which will give her the chance to see beyond tangible things.

Meditation also keeps her skin and body so young looking and also healthy.

I also feel book energy, and I will not be surprised if she will write a book about motherhood experience.

The children are very bonded to one another and to both parents. They are very spoiled and even tough they have some artistic talents they are not matching the parents talent level.

JLo to my delight has a great gut feeling and her insecurities are about her chest. No need to worry as people love REAL women. You are not relating to people as you are a mom, with curves, with a husband, with insecurities and a message to give. Stand up for what you believe in and indeed, GIVE back to society, whatever you feel needs your involvement and help.






6 Responses to 2011 Predictions for Jennifer Lopez

  1. cj says:

    You’re spot on with most of predictions except for her marriage.I know a close family of hers through a friend.She told her is concerned for Jennifer.Everybody thinks she has it all but she is really unhappy in her marriage.Marc is very domineering and controls every aspect of her life.He doesn’t let her visit her family and friends much ,doesn’t want her to work…etc.It’s funny that you said about a friend that is in need of help because of an abusive relationship.
    Because it’s not a friend that needs help it’s Jennifer ! .Marc has been abusive in the past but her family is concerned it’s going to get worse.He’s threaten to take her children if she leaves.I pray she gets the courage to leave this jerk but I feel she too confused or to much under his control to ever leave him.

    • celebs911 says:

      Good Morning and thank you for writing…I am reading your comment and I know is more than I wrote but I try to keep it as private as possible. There is more to it than I could write. That will be ONLY for her ears. Marc is indeed domineering as he is an insecure man..but I won ‘t get into details here. I only wish I could meet her to help her, which I 100% would! I would do the same with Charlie Sheen and many others. Again many thanks for reading and thank you for subscribing if you did. Keep in touch:) xoxo GooRoo Girl

    • SAMIA says:



  2. CJ says:

    thanks GooRoogirls! your well wishes and her mother helped to finally divorce him.I feel she’s in a better place and finally will be able to get her life back in order.You know Jennifer has been very private with this marriage ,that’s why people were surprised she divorced.One question I have is do you think Marc cheated on Jennifer ?I been hearing so many things.

    • celebs911 says:

      Hello CJ,
      I asked the spirit guides about an eventual affair and the answer is quite interesting. Marc had indeed have an affair with a blonde woman, but then it came something else..
      Jennifer went through the same thing that Marc’s previous wife went through. Some sort of a karma for Jennifer. I don’t know for sure if he was still married when he was romancing Jennifer?
      The Sisters

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