Top 10 Reasons you are a Libra

TOP 10 REASONS YOU’RE a LIBRA (September23-Octomber22)

10 . Want everyone to be happy.
9 . Your motto : I have taste
8 . Make a great hostage.
7 . Oh , so lovable.
6 . Love to be right.
5 . Super sensitive.
4 . Brain-stormer deluxe.
3 . Hate to make a decision.
2 . Keep redecorating the house.


Libra Yearly 2011 Horoscopes:

Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)

Libra yearly horoscopes 2011

As a Libra, stability and balance is very important. The Libra 2011 yearly horoscope shows that 2011 will be a great year for Libras because it brings much of the same. This will inspire Libra to branch out and try some new things! Be prepared for a slight bump in the road at the beginning of the year, as there will be some challenges regarding career, but nothing that is impossible to overcome. There will certainly be a special someone vying for your attention, but keep yourself under control Libra. You don’t want the promise of true love to get burned up in the fires of this romance.

Libra in 2011

Libra 2011 Career and Income Horoscope

The Libra 2011 yearly horoscope shows that it’s all catching up to you. Poor financial decisions or simply those bad breaks that put your finances into turmoil. Don’t panic. Use your slow and steady ability to work things out. To get back on track, it’s just going to take some rearranging, which involves planning, one of your strong suits. In spite of a difficult beginning, this stress on your financial decision will inspire you to try harder and ultimately, do better in all areas of your life.

Libra 2011 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

Romance is about to get fiery! Sometimes, too much passion can cause you to panic. A passionate staking of a claim is not romantic, though, Libra. It’s controlling. If you find yourself overwhelmed by love, do not cling too tight. Slow down and just be. Exercise some trust in both romantic and platonic relationships or get ready for discord in the summer months. In terms of friends or finding new love, be open to everything. The Libra 2011 yearly horoscope shows that, regardless of what path you choose, peace and harmony will be inevitable during the months of November and December.

Libra 2011 Education and Traveling Horoscope

In 2010, you made some impulsive choices. Got into debt, made a career change, put yourself into certain financial roadblocks. The Libra 2011 yearly horoscope shows that 2011 is about getting out of this situation. Keep learning! The wisdom that has gone in one ear and out the other in the past will be available to you yet again and this time, you will be in a mental place to hear it and learn.

Libra 2011 Health Horoscope

As long as you focus on balancing your life this year, the Libra 2011 yearly horoscope shows that there will be few health issues. Saturn arrives to stabilize you and help regain energy and vigor. This year, the impulse to do more than you are capable of will be easier to ignore.

Libra 2011 Monthly Horoscopes

Libra January 2011 Horoscope

Friendships and family are the focus this month. Libra will enjoy socializing and family days in January. Single Libras may find romance. For coupled Libras commitment may be in the picture, such as engagement. Money will increase with a bonus, a raise or some other means.

Libra February 2011 Horoscope

Libras will find February easy-going with a few challenges midmonth. Libra may find themselves in the mood for home improvements. A new relationship could be in the picture. Focus on friends and family. Your skills and talents may be noticed this month with someone approaching you to promote them.

Libra March 2011 Horoscope

March continues the cycle for relaxation. Get plenty of rest. Focus on your interest. This is a great month for you. The coming year brings changes in friendships. Pay particular attention and be cautious of relationship decision both this month and next. The job front will be successful and you may hear news you’ve been waiting to hear.

Libra April 2011 Horoscope

Libra will find April a rocky month for relationships. The week of the 18 th is a good time to plan a special evening with friends or a romantic partner. By the end of the month you will determine how you feel about that somebody special. You will enjoy creative energy on the work force.

Libra May 2011 Horoscope

May presents a few hurdles. Definitely avoid legal matters and travel on the 20 th and the 24 th. You may be surprised with a special gift from someone close to you this month. Money matters are particularly in your favor this month with the New Moon in Taurus on the 17 th.

Libra June 2011 Horoscope

You may have that unsettled feeling most of the time thanks to topsy-turvy career and relationships but life otherwise is moving according to plan so nothing to worry. Find a suitable stress reliever for your daily stress and you will live through it. The forecast for the month is travel – business or pleasure so make the most of it. As for relationships, an in-law may require extra time and attention and all the extra mails, calls and errands will take up your time, manage time carefully. Jupiter entering 8 th house Taurus indicates a gold rush. The next twelve-months will attract lots of money, but remember some of it is for saving too and not only spending.

Libra July 2011 Horoscope

An easy month overall, the first two weeks will be demanding on your time. Keep cool and use your talent to manage the disruptive changes at your workplace. Family time will be fun, entertain friends or have casual get-togethers. You will be a popular guest at social events – the right time to widen your friendship circle. Support organizations supporting good causes. Career-wise your power to attract attention boosts your position amongst the favored but beware competition can be stiff.

Libra August 2011 Horoscope

A month of mix-ups and misunderstandings, you want to confirm all dates, time and place twice and speak carefully at the workplace and during group activities. Your intuitions will be stronger, heed to them. Indulge in a little self-pampering this month. The ultimate planet of romance Neptune moves to 5 th house Aquarius meaning singles will meet the special someone and couples will have a marvelous influence on each other. On the career front, get ready for a fast-paced career extending through the next month.

Libra September 2011 Horoscope

Close relationships may pass through a rough phase as you and your partner feel the urge for independence. Meeting friends and favorite pals may get high priority but always remember that best friend of yours. Some people may just become your closest friends; only give it time to develop. On the career front, you may find a new one or get a step-up in the current job. Remember to invite your coworkers friends – chances of a new career connection is on the cards.

Libra October 2011 Horoscope

Try to remember your affordability when being generous with friends and organizations and safeguard your financial information and valuables. You will be the most charming this month and let the positive energy keep flowing. Close relationships will benefit greatly. Financially you will get a good boost and find good bargains, but try not to overspend.

Libra November 2011 Horoscope

An easy going month, you will still need to keep your mind calm and take good rest each day. The last weekend should be for family, home decorating and holiday planning. Lots of calls and mails this month so relationships will be on the upward swing but misunderstands are a possibility too. Read the mail twice before punching send and go that extra mile to make people understand things. Congratulations there is extra cash for you this month but try not to overspend on the holiday budget. Pay bills early especially when banking online.

Libra December 2011 Horoscope

Family life can be filled with tension. Home front may have mechanical problems especially weather related. After the 13 th misunderstandings may be cleared up and singles may encounter romantic ventures after 21 st, couples may have unforgettable moments and delightful surprises. Year end bonus or gifts from relatives will perk you up money-wise. Remember to save while still indulging in the extra something special.

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