Charlie Sheen Intervention 911! Updated predictions!

Denise, might be a lot for you, but you could help Charlie!

Where should I start? We wrote predicts about Charlie back in November. Please refer to the article here!

We felt the need to add some new predictions and solutions for Charlie Sheen as his life and behavior goes on full speed to destruction.

Please read what the Spirits are advising for Charlie Sheen:

He is heartbroken, sad and emotionally withdrawn as though he were falling into a deep depression. The voices he hears tear and rip at every part of him.

It seems like the worst is not over and many symptoms of hitting new rock bottoms and despair, which will surface around April 7th, when collective prayers and support is asked of all fans.

The loss of playing Uncle Charlie in CBS’Two and a Half Men“, a role of a man with lots of addictions that ends up winning in the end, marked Charlie Sheen’s  soul loss and also, loss of rules and proper social behavior.

The Rock Bottoms!:(

Unfortunately for Charlie, the soul defragmentation and loss of life force ( soul essence ) is severe, and worrisome . As a shaman, seeing the aura and the blue print ( energetic matrix)  of him, I sincerely say that he wishes he was dead.

It seems that his psyche has conditioned itself with the role played to the point that Charlie Sheen identified himself with it and gave him a false sense of entitlement. On the outside, his reality was/is harsh in spite of all the material and monetary gains. Why harsh? Charlie was/is in deep emotional pain,  feeling unworthy, guilty and ashamed. The core wound took over, overshadowing all positive happenings in his life, for the last decade.


The self destructive pattern was evident for Charlie. When he was younger or in the beginning of his career he started numbing his pains with alcohol, but anger and irritation are no longer able to be controlled by numbing them or ignoring them.

Facing them is the only option, and through a process that is known as “dark night of the soul”, which it doesn’t have to be “dark”. The process of healing our shadow doesn’t need be started by trauma or negative big event, however, for Charlie, this process is indeed, very dark at the moment.

NOT to despair, he can snap out of this with help, but urgent help, and lots of determination. Now , he is facing a fight between sanity and mental breakdown, excruciating pain and temporary peace (at least in the very beginning of the process of healing) and between determination and giving into temptations. Proper healing and life coaching is mandatory and needed immediately.

The truth is in his eyes..and at the moment is destruction!:(

Pain has a funny way to come to surface in the weirdest way ,awkward scenarios and wrong timing … He spiraled down the past two years, like never before.

Incidents where he was not showing up for work, at all or on time, has happened previously, which if I translate it, Charlie Sheen was begging, screaming for help! People around him failed to notice the fact that he was unable to get well on his own and was controlled by the addictions and reckless behavior. Screaming and yelling at authorities, hatred towards himself, wishing his own death. I don’t feel he will attempt suicide.

Very interesting message from Spirit: Oprah will help him, just by talking to him! Maybe Oprah could reach out. Also noticeable message is that he has a hormonal imbalance, which explains even more the erratic behavior. I also see neuro trasmiters problems. The neurotransmitter levels are inadequate these energizing and motivating signals are absent and we feel more stressed, sluggish, and out-of-control.

For Charlie,GABA (Gamma amino butyric acid) a major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system is low level. It helps the neurons recover after transmission, reduces anxiety and stress. It regulates norepinephrine, adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, it is a significant mood modulator.His dopamine level is also fluactuating , shwoign visible mood swings and aggresive/violent behavior.

I also felt health issues….blood pressure /circulation and possible palpitations ( arrhythmia).

This is what we all wish for Charlie, TO WIN! Blessings..

What does the future hold for Charlie? Unfortunately for a while will be a lot of rehab, medical examination, healing, mental care and of course a lot of bad press.

Until mid summer these are the main THINGS HAPPENING:

Less Social Activities

Lots of soul searching

Father( Martin Sheen)/Son bonding

Father/daughters bonding. He needs to be hugged by his daughters, and hold the hugs for over 10 seconds. That will bring healing and some balance.

We will see Denise Richards and Charlie helping one other, which we said previously that they are soul mates.

Being fired was a loss for fans and for CBS . On that note, there is NO proper replacement for Charlie or for Two and a Half Men. The show will never be what it was. It will decline. And in a year or two will be a flap.

This is a a difficult year for Charlie, however, if he chooses to help himself, life will turn around and this will be used as a testimony of overcoming  challenging traits.

I don’t feel that he will win the lawsuit with CBS. I feel that further arrangements or negotiations will take place.

In spite of all this, he will have roles in he future and also, he can recover quite fast.

I also see October of this year as a quite sad and filled with regrets time for Charlie Sheen…which will mean that the healing process has started and he is ontinuing on then path of self recovery.

Suggestions for healing : cellular memories repair of heartbreak and also time line therapy , past life therapy

Past life journeying and biofield therapy– change of beliefs and erasing of points of view. These healing modalities could snd would SAVE Charlie Sheen from Charlie Sheen.

There is a prayer we created for Charlie and if you all want to help, read it at least once, with positive attitude and in good faith for Charlie and it will make a difference.

Dear Creator, we thank you for the opportunity to witness and learn acceptance and see thy will in the life of Charlie Sheen. We see the Light and Love and Life of You, the Creator, at work in his heart and we hold him in the perfection of All is Well and so it is. Amen!

Thank you all for reading, for trying to help and for being positive.



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  1. You are a talented blogger, and I absolutely enjoy reading your posts.

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