2011 Predictions for Jennifer Lopez

Learn more leadership skills and OWN it!:)

This is not a 911 situation indeed, but for some reasons when I asked the spirits who should I blog about, JLo‘s name came out immediately. What’s a girl to do, but listen and do the work?:)

With GUCCI endorsements for her twins, with the American Idol show under her belt, her new single “On the floor” with Pitbull and Marc Anthony as husband, we will think that is not much that Jennifer Lopez might need or need to be aware of, but at the end of the day they are all people, so there is always something.

Here is what Spirit Guides had to say for Jennifer Lopez (JLo):

Gucci Campaign. Yummy pics:)

2011 is a year of excitement for this lovely lady and American Idol show provides plenty of memories for J Lo and unexpected emotional rewards.

Between July 25th and August 18th, J Lo will be dealing with not so good news about animal cruelty of some sort on one hand  and news from a close lady friend about an abusive relationship. This will make Jennifer Lopez sad and concerned and she will need to find strength in order to find solutions for the problems that will arise during that time.

Around October, a man with light hair and fair complexion, older gentleman, possible a friend or a relative  will get very sick which could lead to death:(

Love the picture and the red shoes:) A girl could dream:)

On the positive note, this is the year of financial increase. Many business ventures, endorsements that will bring abundance, will be offered and taken by JLo and family. In spite of all that abundance, JLo’s projects don’t seem to bring the emotional satisfacti0n that she has hoped for. Quite odd you may think, but is so common!

On American Idol,  for JLO, spirit is suggesting: “It’s time for you to assume your leadership power and position, and lovingly guide the contestants, especially to one woman, who seems to be the winner or runner up of this season”. So please JLo, focus and don’t feel that you have to be nice and please everyone, you are there to HELP these new talents.

This opportunity to be a judge on American Idol , helps J Lo to acquire better leadership skills, which she needs.

In the romance/marriage department with Marc Antony, to my surprise,  is not a very intense/passionate relationship as I thought I would find out. Instead they are great friends with love for one another. They are great life partners.

J Lo seems to appreciate his specialness and he seems to appreciate her specialness. They learnt together to let go of any fears of inadequacy.

FYI, husband, Marc Anthony will be releasing a new album which could go platinum! He has a good voice:)

JLo, will release two movies and a music album, this year. She will also nominated for an award and will win. Could be a Latin music Grammy. However in the next 2-3 years, there is a lot of fierce energy around JLo, which makes her approach many different styles of music and acting opportunities, including suspense and drama play. She is unstoppable.

Indeed, happy family...

I sense that  giving back and being very honest with her emotions, is what she will be preoccupied with from this month until mid May.  This is very intense time for her. JLo will encounter emotions of sadness, discouragement and even getting physically hurt. These are reminiscents coming from past heartaches and not so happy endings in her love life from this lifetime and previous lives as well. Also,  DNA consciousness is lurking to be healed and understood and released. Need of  healing energies will be evident, and I can help.

I felt lots of violet energy around J Lo and I suggest for her to surround herself with large vases of violets placed near doors and entries  which will help her remain detached and reserved, especially when feeling restless.

One of the lesson she is learning in this lifetime is forgiveness but because her views of life are positive , the more flexible she is the less forgiveness of herself and close ones she will have to encounter.

Meditation, Yoga and Pilates are what J Lo does/should do to be in touch with spirit. Walking barefoot in sand  grounds her as well. I sense her having a spiritual view not a dogmatic religion view, which will give her the chance to see beyond tangible things.

Meditation also keeps her skin and body so young looking and also healthy.

I also feel book energy, and I will not be surprised if she will write a book about motherhood experience.

The children are very bonded to one another and to both parents. They are very spoiled and even tough they have some artistic talents they are not matching the parents talent level.

JLo to my delight has a great gut feeling and her insecurities are about her chest. No need to worry as people love REAL women. You are not relating to people as you are a mom, with curves, with a husband, with insecurities and a message to give. Stand up for what you believe in and indeed, GIVE back to society, whatever you feel needs your involvement and help.






Charlie Sheen Intervention 911! Updated predictions!

Denise, might be a lot for you, but you could help Charlie!

Where should I start? We wrote predicts about Charlie back in November. Please refer to the article here!

We felt the need to add some new predictions and solutions for Charlie Sheen as his life and behavior goes on full speed to destruction.

Please read what the Spirits are advising for Charlie Sheen:

He is heartbroken, sad and emotionally withdrawn as though he were falling into a deep depression. The voices he hears tear and rip at every part of him.

It seems like the worst is not over and many symptoms of hitting new rock bottoms and despair, which will surface around April 7th, when collective prayers and support is asked of all fans.

The loss of playing Uncle Charlie in CBS’Two and a Half Men“, a role of a man with lots of addictions that ends up winning in the end, marked Charlie Sheen’s  soul loss and also, loss of rules and proper social behavior.

The Rock Bottoms!:(

Unfortunately for Charlie, the soul defragmentation and loss of life force ( soul essence ) is severe, and worrisome . As a shaman, seeing the aura and the blue print ( energetic matrix)  of him, I sincerely say that he wishes he was dead.

It seems that his psyche has conditioned itself with the role played to the point that Charlie Sheen identified himself with it and gave him a false sense of entitlement. On the outside, his reality was/is harsh in spite of all the material and monetary gains. Why harsh? Charlie was/is in deep emotional pain,  feeling unworthy, guilty and ashamed. The core wound took over, overshadowing all positive happenings in his life, for the last decade.


The self destructive pattern was evident for Charlie. When he was younger or in the beginning of his career he started numbing his pains with alcohol, but anger and irritation are no longer able to be controlled by numbing them or ignoring them.

Facing them is the only option, and through a process that is known as “dark night of the soul”, which it doesn’t have to be “dark”. The process of healing our shadow doesn’t need be started by trauma or negative big event, however, for Charlie, this process is indeed, very dark at the moment.

NOT to despair, he can snap out of this with help, but urgent help, and lots of determination. Now , he is facing a fight between sanity and mental breakdown, excruciating pain and temporary peace (at least in the very beginning of the process of healing) and between determination and giving into temptations. Proper healing and life coaching is mandatory and needed immediately.

The truth is in his eyes..and at the moment is destruction!:(

Pain has a funny way to come to surface in the weirdest way ,awkward scenarios and wrong timing … He spiraled down the past two years, like never before.

Incidents where he was not showing up for work, at all or on time, has happened previously, which if I translate it, Charlie Sheen was begging, screaming for help! People around him failed to notice the fact that he was unable to get well on his own and was controlled by the addictions and reckless behavior. Screaming and yelling at authorities, hatred towards himself, wishing his own death. I don’t feel he will attempt suicide.

Very interesting message from Spirit: Oprah will help him, just by talking to him! Maybe Oprah could reach out. Also noticeable message is that he has a hormonal imbalance, which explains even more the erratic behavior. I also see neuro trasmiters problems. The neurotransmitter levels are inadequate these energizing and motivating signals are absent and we feel more stressed, sluggish, and out-of-control.

For Charlie,GABA (Gamma amino butyric acid) a major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system is low level. It helps the neurons recover after transmission, reduces anxiety and stress. It regulates norepinephrine, adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, it is a significant mood modulator.His dopamine level is also fluactuating , shwoign visible mood swings and aggresive/violent behavior.

I also felt health issues….blood pressure /circulation and possible palpitations ( arrhythmia).

This is what we all wish for Charlie, TO WIN! Blessings..

What does the future hold for Charlie? Unfortunately for a while will be a lot of rehab, medical examination, healing, mental care and of course a lot of bad press.

Until mid summer these are the main THINGS HAPPENING:

Less Social Activities

Lots of soul searching

Father( Martin Sheen)/Son bonding

Father/daughters bonding. He needs to be hugged by his daughters, and hold the hugs for over 10 seconds. That will bring healing and some balance.

We will see Denise Richards and Charlie helping one other, which we said previously that they are soul mates.

Being fired was a loss for fans and for CBS . On that note, there is NO proper replacement for Charlie or for Two and a Half Men. The show will never be what it was. It will decline. And in a year or two will be a flap.

This is a a difficult year for Charlie, however, if he chooses to help himself, life will turn around and this will be used as a testimony of overcoming  challenging traits.

I don’t feel that he will win the lawsuit with CBS. I feel that further arrangements or negotiations will take place.

In spite of all this, he will have roles in he future and also, he can recover quite fast.

I also see October of this year as a quite sad and filled with regrets time for Charlie Sheen…which will mean that the healing process has started and he is ontinuing on then path of self recovery.

Suggestions for healing : cellular memories repair of heartbreak and also time line therapy , past life therapy

Past life journeying and biofield therapy– change of beliefs and erasing of points of view. These healing modalities could snd would SAVE Charlie Sheen from Charlie Sheen.

There is a prayer we created for Charlie and if you all want to help, read it at least once, with positive attitude and in good faith for Charlie and it will make a difference.

Dear Creator, we thank you for the opportunity to witness and learn acceptance and see thy will in the life of Charlie Sheen. We see the Light and Love and Life of You, the Creator, at work in his heart and we hold him in the perfection of All is Well and so it is. Amen!

Thank you all for reading, for trying to help and for being positive.



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2011 Predictions for Sandra Bullock

Bliss and Peace

Who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock and her work? Who didn’t feel sorry for her when after the best day of her life, professionally speaking, when she won the Oscars, the next news about her is was that her husband Jessie James was having affairs all over town with very low class creatures?  I felt hurt for Sandra, even tough we have never met, but as a human, it’s hard not to feel for her.

However she moved on, with support from friends and family and in my opinion, that little bundle of joy that she adopted, little Louis, is the motivation of her life.

Love is coming your way..embrace it.

Let’s see what the future holds for Sandra?

This year Sandra Bullock will deal with being vulnerable and being able to risk being hurt

The first part of the year, Sandra is releasing grief and sadness and pretty much, learns who she is TODAY after the devastation of her marriage and what has transpired from her marriage in the media, which relates to her image in Hollywood and in the world.

In spite of all these, it’s advised for her to continue to remain open for the possibilities of love and intimacy. I will add here, that even tough Sandra believes that she got humiliated by her ex husband, the message to the public is not “poor Sandra”. The message to all of us and mostly women is: we are powerful, we could do better and no man will define us!

It’s also advised not to marry immediately, but being engaged or living together for 2 years minimum before tying the knot again, is welcomed! I really would’ve like to see her with Ryan Reynolds as hey are very compatible and the chemistry is there..:) Well that’s just my personal preference.

It's not the end of the world! he doesn't deserve you.

Lots of things that are said in the press are hurting Sandra and her soul is screaming : PEOPLE, PLEASE, IT’S TIME YOU ALL LET ME FIGURE OUT MY OWN LIFE! YOU ARE HURTING ME INSTEAD OF HELPING ME!

We,  the public and fans, NEED TO allow her to enjoy her life, without analyzing her every move or her attempt to have fun, joy and a social life. We all love her, why not give her the space she needs?

This year Sandra is making bold choices for her career, her fashion style ( did you see the new hairdo at the Golden Globes?), entourage, all wonderful changes and decisions.

Environmental projects will attract Sandra more and more and she will support more charities, like animals and forest projects, organic living and such. On that note, I will add Sandra welcome to the family as we are all for Organic living and protecting the Planet.

I also hear from the Spirit Guides that an other adoption might be in Sandra’s future, which it will bring her more joy and balance and will help her move on to a better place and a SUCCESSFUL relationship.

Life goes on and get ready for a new adopted baby:)

Indeed, Sandra there is a wonderful man in your future, that you will marry and will bring you bliss next to your beautiful Angels.

Love and Peace,




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Ashton Kutcher getting ready for Apocalypse?

Ashton Kutcher, this funny, lovely actor that  just released his latest movie, No Strings Attached, playing against Natalie Portman, a recently Oscar nominated actress, caught my attention with a few interviews, well let’s just say a little out of ordinary.

I just saw the video on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ashton-kutcher-talks-apocalyptic-warning and I had to go into it and clarify it somehow.

“And people are going to go, ‘That land’s not yours, prove that it’s yours,’ and the only thing you have to prove it’s yours is on an electric file. Then it’s like, ‘What the value of currency is, and whose food is whose?’ People’s alarm systems at their homes will no longer work. Neither will our heating, our garbage disposals, hot-water heaters that run on gas but depend on electricity – what happens when all our modern conveniences fail? I’m going to be ready to take myself and my family to a safe place where they don’t have to worry.”

Apparently, Ashton Kutcher does actually think the world is coming to an end… or to and end of the world the way we know it?

And the big question is: Is the world coming to an end? Is December 2012 doomsday? In my opinion not at all, not as understood from Bible.

Yet, many of the things that Ashton Kutcher “ jokes about “will actually happen to some people.  There will be many, many electrical issues; some computer data will be lost. Some lands will not be there anymore, and the comfort life, will not be the primary focus for us. We will learn to live with basics.

In spite rumors of cheating, they are strong together...

Starting with this summer, slowly but surely, there will be all sorts of events throughout the world, but we cannot prepare physically for this change, or to save ourselves or the Planet.

So, how can we prepare?  We can make copies of important documents  and do all common sense preparations for and get few extra needed things like for emergency times.  However, this preparing is not the one needed We need to prepare OUR BODY to be more of A LUMINOUS body, filled with light, love . This 2012 preparing has to do with the state of mind and with our soul.

What does being filled with Light: pretty much means being positive, optimistic, grateful, accepting and compassionate in word and deeds. Filled with Love, means living life passionately with responsibility and integrity, without hurting anyone. Not selfishly, but passionately, a passion that enhances other people’s lives,  because of us.  Preparing spiritually for huge changes. The higher your vibrational energy the less you will be affected by the upcoming changes. In fact, you will welcome them as signs of the emergence of a new consciousness in the world. Also, you will be able to manifest the world of your intentions.

She looks amazing...and he is lovely..:)

People could and WILL be walking away from anything that doesn’t treat them right: people, situations, corporations, jobs, relationships…all that is toxic, restrictive, judgmental, and pretty much sucks the life out.

In order to maintain peace of mind and joy, to strengthen us as humans and to increase our vibration from desperate states of anger, shame, fear, irritation and despair to contentment, joy, love and expansive creativity we have to go through some transformations.

There seem to be two potential scenarios in the future. One is that of extreme hardship and competition for scarce resources. The other is a beautiful world populated by compassionate and loving spirit souls. I believe that both will happen simultaneously. The one that you experience will depend upon your mental and spiritual maturity. If you prepare yourself now to be part of the spiritually enlightened world you will be able to avoid the worst of the challenges and instead experience a new world of love and joy that is beyond your wildest imagination.

Ashton Kutcher does not prepare for the Armageddon at the gym bulging muscles….but him and his wife are prepared as they live their lives in integrity with their true desires. Both of them are spiritually oriented and have deep respect for human life, they will live in the beautiful world of compassion.

Just as the love between them, the age difference, they defied the social norms and crucify the ego…. and honored what is the most important: self honesty and love. Their relationship is stronger everyday in spite of any rumors , and they are preparing for an exotic  tantric vacation more than anything else.

The world as we know it will end, we will move from fear of living as embodied God and Goddesses into living from the heart . We are becoming the new evolution: The Homo Luminous !




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Justin Bieber Bipolar?

He is exhausted!

I read this article today about Justin Bieber being bipolar or depressed and I decided to ask the Spirits if that is the reason this young man has sleeping problems.

Just Bieber is a young pop star discover by Usher via an YouTube video and his life was not the same since. In theory is an amazing story, but in real life the fame brought him tremendous pressure. His entire path changed for a life that he was not mentally, physically or emotionally prepared for.

The answer to him being bipolar due to lack of sleep is no. His sleeping pattern is due to sadness and fear of some sorts.

Selena is lovely, but it won't last...

His success is wonderful and beyond anyone’s imagination, the adoration he gets from the fans is incomparable with the love he gets in his relationship. The intensity is not matched. The adoration from the fans and the love he feels in private are unbalanced and that makes him very unhappy. He wants in his personal relationship, love of a high intensity to equal the vibration of the adoration he gets from the fans. The love in his relationships with its ups and downs, is makes this young man feel powerless, and he is losing sleep over it. This is also due to his soul recognizing that in love, is a bigger risk and no control!

Usher discovered him, but no one really knew what will unfold!

Justine Bieber will go through a series of short lived romances, like the one he has now with Selena Gomez until love will make sense to him. At one point he will have a more meaningful relationship, but with a woman years older than him. Oops!:)

Bieber will benefit very much from a change in diet and walking to correct his sleeping patterns. A chakra balancing would help him almost instantly. I could help him in a few sessions.

Justin is not depressed or bipolar, he is exhausted! His mom should step in and protect him until is not too late. After all he is a teenager that needs parental guidance.

He needs parental guidance Pronto!

In 2011 Justin Bieber will produce more hits and more duets with some A listers singers. Also I’m noticing a change of hair style, possible highlights and trendier wardrobe . Like Teenage Edge!

Feeling his energy, I’m almost tempted to step in and help him as he will go through many changes..including his voice. At the moment he is not prepared for it and without the proper intervention he won’t be. I want to help as he has great potential for a long career and I want him to get it.

Sleep deprivation could lead to irritation,  irritation to feeling on the edge, and then to pills and other chemicals to make it better.

I wish him and his family blessings..and remember that help is available with high ethics and discretion.




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Reading of Kate Middleton’s face features! Destined for a Queen!


Kate Middleton face features are destined for a Queen!

Kate Middleton fiance of Prince William of England.

Now we take a look at the fiance now of Prince William, heir to the throne of Great Britain and eldest son of Princess Diana. The lovely Kate Middleton has a face that resembles that of Denmark’s Princess Mary. Kate’s face exhibits all the indications of the presence of a royal and princely boyfriend/fiance in her life. In fact, her face indicates plenty of good fortune. It is full without being fat and it has plenty of yang energy. Her face is brimming with good health and she has many features that indicate good fortune that reinforce each other. It is likely that not only will she marry a very noble and high society born husband, she will also be much loved as well. The Chinese describe this kind of face as being not just filled with good fortune, but one that also attracts luck to those around her. To start with, Kate, like Mary, has a perfect egg-shaped face. Chinese face reading always describes women with this oval-shaped face as destined to having a good life filled to the brim with creature comforts. This kind of woman has many admirers throughout her life. When other indications also confirm it, they will enjoy great fame and success and they will be much loved.

She will be the Queen of England! xoxo

Kate’s eyes are well balanced on both sides of the face. Her high forehead indicates a sensible intelligent mind while her nose indicates she is surrounded by great wealth and will live a life filled with luxuries. So whether or not she marries Prince William, she is destined to contract a brilliant marriage.

Kate’s cheeks are what bring her extreme good fortune. All through her middling years, she will enjoy good fortune and she will have many children. Her luck continues into her mature years.

Her chin is another good feature – it is pointed and slightly tilted upwards. This suggests she will continue to enjoy good fortune in her later years. It is also an indication she will hold a high positon in her old age.

When she does indeed marry Prince William, her face suggests she has the destiny to become Queen. From her face, it seems that if this is to happen, it will be sooner rather than later in her life. When Kate will marry Prince William, it will be the first time in Engish history that a future king has married a commoner who is not an aristocrat.

We love this as it seems like a fairytale story and could be a good influence for young ladies around the globe, to follow Kate as a role model. Manners, Etiquette, dressing decent, respectful, just a few of the traits that helped Kate have Prince William fell in love…

Good Luck, Blessings and Healthy children!




2011 Predictions for Victoria and David Beckham

New Fashion recognition for Victoria

well, we are crossing the pond again and we are looking out for this lovely couple: Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. These two in spite of all rumors, they are still together and a good team. Victoria, as we all know is one of the Spice Girls and newly, she is an outstanding clothing designer. David is the Soccer God…and well of course a very interesting and sought after underwear model for Armani. The Beckhams are living their life between England and Los Angeles, with their three lovely sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. As of 2009, the couple’s combined wealth was estimated at £125 millions… not a bad thing to be the Beckhams!:)

David's football career will stall in 2011

Blessings from Celebs911

We asked the Spirits what the future holds for this couple and some interesting events are ahead of them.

First off for Victoria, her fashion empire will become bigger and better, to the point of winning recognition and even maybe designing Kate Middleton wedding gown? For David, his football career will stall in 2011, but he will endorse new products. There is no divorce for them in 2011. For more details, please see our video predictions below and let us know your feedback.

We wish this couple many blessings and happiness…



P.S. did you see today’s  THE VIEW show on ABC? Oh dear..Victoria presented some dresses, bags and shoes from her collection… Ladies wasn’t that an incredible treat? Loved the dresses, especially the silver one.. See full episode here! kisses:)