This might sound like a new word in the English dictionary and maybe it is, but I like it and it makes sense.
This page will be an informational page about all types of Horoscopes from all over the world. This is suppose to be for entertainment purposes only.
Love it!
GooRoo Girls




2 Responses to Zodiology

  1. Kim Skarbo-Snarski says:

    Hi, I got to your site by a posting by Anca on GooRoo – I know her from earlier days. I just wanted to say that I believe strongly in angels and I pray to my angels each day. Thank you for your postings / blog. I signed up for your e-mails
    Kim (Skarbo) Snarski
    PS I was just diagnosed with some throat issues and was toldnot to talk for a few weeks to see if it will repair itself, and I carry a sign that tells people I cannot talk but I can hear and I will write an answer to them. It is heartwarming to see how people reach once they see you are somewhat disabled.

    • celebs911 says:

      Hello Kim. Thank you for reading and reaching out to us. Also we appreciate you signing up with Celebs11. We are very sorry for your diagnosis, but for specific insights from Aurora, I suggest to contact her at the email we posted in testimonials. Angels are a powerful entity for those that believe, and here at Celebs11, we all believe in Angels. xoxo GooRoo Girls

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