Heidi Klum – Seal’s custody battle, Infidelities and what’s next?

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I read this article about Heidi Klum, the host from Project Runway and Seal’s messy divorce, yet, I don’t really categorize their divorce as messy. It’s pretty civil and they will figure things out, without major consequences.
From Spirit perspective, both deserve to have the children. However, I feel that ultimately,  Heidi will gain custody for the children. Seal will be able to visit and spend time on regular basis with all the kids, mostly with his biological ones. It seems to me that it might be 50-50 custody arrangement, which in this case is fair.

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Indeed, their differences are not going to be mended and this divorce will be final, with no ways for the couple of getting back together.

I hear from Spirits: “infidelity” . They have had problems in their marriage for the past 3 years, but they just kept composure for the outside world and the kids.
There were discussions /arguments about indiscretions, jealousy and accusations against Heidi as the cheater in the couple. He lost trust and the relationship became more of a competition based on ego, instead of cooperation.
I feel Seal – in spite the cool and collected appearance, have had rage issues.

As strange as it might feel now,the family will regain harmony. Both, will be seen shortly with different partners.

Heidi Klum will endorse two more products in the next year.  Down the road, they will remain friendly, for their own sake not because they have children. They had a strong bond when they’ve met, but its time for them to move on to new relationships.
The children don’t like the present situation and worry more about their dad, than about their mother. However, this divorce was not a surprise, so everyone was prepared emotionally somehow.

Life goes on, and the children will realign to their new routine with no much emotional damage, which it’s a wonderful think.

I worry much more about Suri Cruise, honestly … but that’s an other story that I will ask the spirits in the very near future.

Love and Light,

The  Sisters

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Predictions for Real Housewife of Orange County, Tamra Barney…

What the next season will reveal?:)

If I would only counsel the Real Housewives from anywhere, one by one, I will be busy for the rest of my life. Honestly…

So many issues and scandals and rivalry and enviousness and anger, that it will take me a good while to heal them, reprogram them and allow them to be who they are intended to be.

Today I will look into Tamra Barney’s yard as I noticed from the beginning a very controlling husband and a no identity Tamra. At one point I felt very sorry for her, mostly when she was trying to defend her son from a previous relationship in front of Simon Barney, and she had to accept what Simon said or wanted. Oh, dear the Feminist in me is coming out:)

The infamous husband! What a controlling creature!:(

I am not sure if the divorce is final between Tamra and Simon, but I know there were reports that Simon getting arrested for domestic violence, which of course it was in front of the kids:(

I am quite curious of the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, on the Bravo network!

In the mean while let’s see what Spirit Guides have to say about and for Tamra Barney.

The divorce is imminent. They will end up divorced.  I see that her marriage was under a “mask”  for a very long time. She made  a mistake marrying Simon Barney and she knew it shortly after the ceremony.

This is not your man! Just a rebound guy..

Tamara, is lashing out on occasions due to not being able to be honest with herself or with anyone of that matter. That must have been difficult  not having anyone you could trust. Tamra thinks she is envied by other women for her looks, which in appearance might be, but in reality, in spite of her nice physical body, she has never been really admired. She didn’t even make a noticeable  impact that women could look up to her..so Tamra dear, your problem is not women’s enviousness, is your own insecurities.

One of the biggest challenges she has and will have unless  choses to get help, is being excessively critical, due to fear.

Tamara is prone to hurting everyone,  with verbal or non-verbal communication. Her disapproving looks, body language and attitude will get her in trouble and disliked if she doesn’t reach for help.

In her heart, she is hoping that someone, somehow, will come to rescue her, from her weakness and challenges and reassures her, that she is good enough. Tamra it’s all within you! You don’t need others to tell you the truth about yourself.

All you need is the courage to allow your authentic self to come out…the one that everyone will love and embrace. Yes, it’s in there and I could bring it out for you.

Become yourself...

There will be financial struggles for Tamra in the future.  This lady has a body image problem as well as  low self esteem problems. The violence is no stranger to her, as her own son has issues with short temper and Tamra herself, is raging from time to time. When such pattern of violence is formed we have to ask what is wrong with us that people around us are behaving that way? It’s complex, but I know I could be of help.

She desperately needs a “venting” session, off camera with someone that won’t judge, won’t call the tabloids and will let her be herself for an hour. So please, get in touch and we will fix all there is to be fixed and call from the Universe all that it’s yours, including a new, kind husband?





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Does Tiger Woods have a sexual addiction?

Better times ahead, Tiger!

From outside, Tiger Woods,  might seem to have it all, money, fame, power, and a lot of women attention. By now, we all know that all of the above are not enough, or that too much of a good thing it becomes a bad thing.

Marriages thrive, marriages fail, we all get over things, and we all are meant to have some challenges to overcome. IN his case, his challenge is cheating and inappropriate sexual encounters.

I asked Spirit what is going on? What can I do to help? Does Tiger Woods need help? Yes, he needs it more than anyone else.

The core of Tiger’s problems, believe it or not, is not sex related. The real problem he has, indeed, affects sexuality and looks as a compulsion, but his problem is a huge need for variety.

Golf indeed is structured, and precise and disciplined. When that structure environment is ending,  is that rebellion that sets in place that requires spontaneity and NO ROUTINE. That’s where all those women/mistresses came in handy. I will make a parallel with a man or a woman that is in charge all day long at work, Alpha creatures, the second they are coming home all they want is to be taking care of and submit to their partner, meaning they don’t want to make any decisions anymore, at least at home.

Elin and Tiger, should've discover themselves before marriage. We hate the turtle neck Elin!

Marriage is a well structured institution, with its ups and downs, high and lows, but with the prestige and pressure of someone like Tiger Woods, and as you know by now he rebelled that too! About the marriage with Elin Nordegren, what was missing there it was honesty. He didn’t spell out his needs and wants from the beginning and she didn’t try to even inquire about it! This is a negotiation strategy that should be implemented before ANYONE says I do.

Now on the healing therapy for Tiger Woods:

Unless  deep breathing technique, free style dancing, or simply color therapy are used, his soul will look for an outlet, where he can FEEL FREE…and affairs usually give the pleasure of the body, instant gratification, challenge for the mind and of course FREE of Responsibilities.  Including emotional responsibility for the convenient woman he is with. One of my paintings based on Healing Art will make wonders for Tiger.

Is Tiger Woods problem that great that cannot be fixed? Absolutely not!

Be the Champion that you are !

However, deeper level healing has to occur for this episode. Now, he has more pain than before, and a bigger need to have affairs than when this whole thing became public. He is refraining from it as the media will destroy him, immediately…

Tiger Woods is a PGA champion and we are all very proud of his abilities and achievements, but with a little bit of Divine Intervention we could redirect his Champion energy to his personal being, and help him become a Champion Father, Husband/Boyfriend.

Tiger Woods needs our support!  The media, should leave him alone and stop being so double standards, as it doesn’t help! We gave him a way too hard of a time, when deep inside we actually sympathize with him and we see him as a national hero, regardless of his indiscretions.

Tiger Woods’ energy is a good one, no meanness, just pure lack of control due to his NEED of variety!




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Life without Kelsey Grammer? Read on Camille!

Happier times... the kids need reassurance.

Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer and his third wife Camille Donatacci Grammer from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, are divorcing after 13 years of marriage. Donatacci filed for divorce from Kelsey Grammer this week. This will be his third divorce. Kelsey Grammer and wife Camille have a daughter, Mason Olivia, 9 and a son Jude Gordon, 6. My personal disappointment about divorces with kids in the middle is about the children. A traumatic event like this changes many behavioral programs if it’s not carefully taken into consideration.

There is always a moment of hesitation when it comes to decisions like marriage, starting a family or divorce and that is absolutely normal. This is what Camille’s state of mind is now: Am I making the right decision?

Messages from the Spirits for Camille : “This is the next step in your journey.  Part ways in a friendly way and all will fall into place. The truth of the matter is Camille had to learn about boundaries , interdependence and a sense of identity during marriage, and that lesson “has been completed”.

A new man will come into your life..

Her journey is continuing to be about self awareness, gaining recognition for herself and who she is, not who she married to.  She has to learn to put herself at the center of the relationships, not first, not last,where she can influence everyone in a healthy and nurturing way.

Find your own identity... your future is bright.

Camille has postponed making this decision for about 10 years and now she has gathered the courage to start all over again. As much as she needs to be in a  marriage or relationship, she has the same need for freedom.

There is love coming your way, within 8 months. I sense  a new love interest , a dark haired man. There is another marriage for her in the future and a movie role, if she chooses to do acting. We will be seeing  and hearing a lot of good things coming from Camille from now on. I see her spending more time with her mother, who is getting healthier. I also see a lot of gossiping and negativity and lashing out at her, during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2.

As for Kelsey Grammer,  life continues, but I sense sadness and the possibility of depression and a drinking relapse. Career wise,  I feel Kelsey will be asked to play a supporting role in an action movie, to be released by 2012.

There are many more messages of personal depth that I won’t publish as usual, but I am pleased with Camille’s decision as it is the right one.




Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s Messages from the Spirit Guides

Remember this time...

We had so many 911 s this week, from engagements, to baby twins, to marriage, to divorce.  This is for sure one very important week, where future it is defined.

Dear Eva, let me start by saying:  I am sorry for what had happened to you. I was asking Spirit what can I possibly say to someone in this situation? I’ve been there! I know words don’t comfort much unless they have a dash of love, so coming from a place of love and divine, I will like to share some insights.

I connect so well with other souls. I can feel deep sadness, unbearable pain coming from her solar plexus, so, yes, part of Eva Longoria‘s heart and soul is broken.

Her spirit is communicating with me, telling me, she had seen signs of husband being preoccupied in the past. Also, her soul, believes the accusations about the cheating in 2007, shortly after the wedding. Deep inside we all know, it is a matter of accepting it. Up until now, I rarely read about celebrities, due to being preoccupied to studying about energy, consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics and self help modalities. However, they need help as much as the rest of us, this is why I write about them, hoping I can help them somehow.

Follow your soul contract..

But, when I look at their energies, their date of birth and date of the wedding, the cheating and the ending in a divorce, so soon, it was kind of obvious.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker got married on a 7 /7/7 vibrations, a vibration that calls for emotional, spiritual and physical mastery. This date requires a lot of work, it is filled with obstacles and one of the challenges it is trust, faith and respecting a sacred path.

The trust had been broken shortly after wedding, regardless of the fact that Eva stayed in the marriage.  The faith is has been challenged for Eva, and it is a matter of time to be challenged for Tony as well, and the sacred path, involves a possibility to separate after 3 years, or the bonding and intimacy to be renewed.

Given the fact that Eva wants strong structure and real intimacy and Tony wants  power and success,  attracted them to each other in the first place. It might sound obsolete, but actually it makes sense.

Good friends are there for each other...

They both needed an escape to someone else. Eva has a good friend in Mario Lopez, so her need for support and structure was supported. Tony looked elsewhere for maintaining the image of power and success, somewhere else where his power was need it… however, the boundaries have been broken, regardless of the reasons. While I don’t understand why the other lady would disrespect herself , her husband and Eva like this, I know that this betrayal is part of the soul journey,for Eva ,and a lot good, will come from it.

The date of filing for divorce it is also not a favorable one.  the date she filled it means a  lot of regrets, hesitations and even the possibility of going back together. Funny, the divorce date energy and the first time they’ve met energy is the same energy that made them  fall in love to begin with. In practical life it means that in order for hard times to get over, Eva Longoria will need all the healing that she can get.

Spirit, in spite of their actions, advises them not to file for divorce as it is a mistake. Overcoming this unfortunate situation is what they signed up for as souls, and by divorcing and call it quit, they don’t honor their soul contract. Yes, the pain is great, but after this , if forgiveness would’ve occur, a deeper sense of belonging and maturity would have been experienced by both of them. Now of course, everyone wants to know, if they would stay together, would he cheat again? The answer is yes, but still they shouldn’t divorce. They eventually would’ve learn the lesson and Eva would’ve learned to forgive him and keep advancing on her own path. Basically this divorce is detrimental for both of them.

Stop and think for a minute...

When I look at her path and mine, there are many similarities: I am the youngest of 4 girls as she is, I have been divorced twice, and my marriages were both short lived. Betrayal was prevalent in my life, deception as well. I feel deception is one theme that Eva has in her DNA . One shamanic session could erase lots of damages from her past and possibly from her future. Yes, there is love again for both of them in the future,  if they indeed want to go on with this divorce, but however, for the next 4 years, Spirits are suggesting to Eva to focus on her career and not get married.

I didn’t feel the same amount of pain coming from Tony, in a weird way I feel relief on his side. It doesn’t mean that he  doesn’t care, but most likely he is in a state of denial and shock.

I have this feeling that there is more “dirt” that will come out, and this will be a talked about divorce for a while. Please keep in mind that the media will fabricate many lies in the process, but all together it will be damaging for the parties involved.

In conclusion, the spirit Guides are saying that hey shouldn’t divorce and they should honor their soul contract that they chose.

In the mean while, help is available: www.yourmessagefromabove.com

Peace and Light,



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Charlie Sheen 911!

Lovely couple, Soul Family.

Something interesting happen yesterday, as I wanted to pick a celebrity to write about and I couldn’t connect with the ones I wanted to write about. All of the sudden, the spirits brought the image of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen and I wondered why.
Some people might think that I am somehow weird, but I don’t watch news, or TV that much as I prefer to read books instead. So, my knowledge about most celebs are very limited.

Charlie, no need to be 911! You could do it.

Here is what the guides are saying for Charlie Sheen.

After my guides said Charlie Sheen’s name, I looked for news about him and of course I came across the news about Charlie Sheen being drunk in New York, Plaza Hotel. I enjoy watching “Two Men and a Half”, and I am thinking maybe the role of a commitment phobic bachelor, that drinks and enjoys the company of women without becoming too involved, has rubbed on Charlie’s real life? Especially the knocking himself out part! But as surprised as we are the ex wife, Denise Richards was there for him. That impresses me form the spiritual point of view. Read more of this post