The cause of Death for Amy Winehouse

Rest in Peace, Amy.

An other misunderstood soul...RIP, Anna!

this is an addition to yesterday’s post regarding Amy Winehouse‘s death. As all media platforms are updating non stop on the autopsy results for Amy Winehouse and the entire world waits for an answer, I want to tell you all, ahead of time, what the cause of death was from my perspective.

Amy had a fragile physical body due to abuse of drugs as we all know. On Friday she abused such substances but not to the point of overdose.

Her weakened heart stopped from such chemical shock and the death was sudden.

Amy’s death is almost the same dilemma like in Anna Nicole Smith‘s case.

Let’s wait and see what the specialists are coming up with as a result.

With love and respect for all of you and the deceased,



3 Responses to The cause of Death for Amy Winehouse

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi.. Looks like you are 100 percent correct. The report came back inconclusive.I read your earlier post. I was on the train going to work in NYC. I felt you hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what happened to her just like you said. You are amazing and all gorgeous too all three of you.. Later chick!! Keep on writing love your blog!!

    • celebs911 says:

      Hello Sandy,
      thank you so much for the praise and the compliments. We are expressing in this blog with humbleness and ethics only the truth as is shown to my sister Aurora.She is indeed so gifted that if people will only know. We feel privileged to be in her proximity and get insights at times. We are four sisters and we are all aware of certain things, but she is the one that has the amazing skills. We will keep posting and yes, unfortunately Amy’s cause of death verdict is the same as Anna Nicole Smith.

      The Sisters


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