What future holds for Sonja Morgan from Real Housewives of NYC ?

It seems glam but is it really?

I think the Real Housewives of any city are keeping us quite entertained. The Bravo network must be doing incredibly well! Maybe because at some level we relate to those ladies, or we want to be them, or we believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence… well, is it really? For most of us about 15 millions in debt, is inconceivable:) I can’t even imagine such thing, but however this happens to people like Sonja Morgan and Teresa Giudice and Nicolas Cage and on and on. Without judgment  from Celebs911, we will try to bring some light over Sonja Tremont Morgan’s problems and see what the Spirit Guides are saying for this Real Housewife of NYC? Shall we?

The first question we all have is, where all these money went? Bankruptcy is an ugly process, a process of feeling you failed. And, to my surprise Sonja Morgan who is a practical person and it seems like she has it all together, lost control of her financial situation. I feel that she had her moments of despair and anger and feeling sorry for herself, but through bankruptcy she will be able to start fresh. ( Up to the minute information from Mrs. Sonja Morgan,herself! We are informed that she filled for chapter 11 which it means, in most instances the debtor remains in control of its business operations as a debtor in possession, and is subject to the oversight and jurisdiction of the court. Now it makes sense why this lovely lady will go out of debt in less than three years.:)


Sonja dear, within three years your finances will be abundant.

I don’t see these financial problems lingering for too long. To the contrary, in three years she will be back in a very good place financially. So chin up Sojna!

Love is on its way to Sonja as well to our delight!  Sonja Morgan’s circle of acquaintances and friends will expand with new socialites/friends , very influential people, which seem to enjoy her company. I also see her opening more to spiritual practices and being  in touch with herself at a more spiritual level. That makes me happy for sure!

There is love for Sojna in the future as I previously mentioned. A man with dark hair , few years younger than her, kind and virile, will catch her attention and, most likely her heart. Way to go Sonja!

new friends and a new love? Go girl!

2010 seemed to be a year of letting go and changing direction for Sojna. And  obviously she will start fresh  and with a better foundation. Lots of good things will unfold her way!  Sonja, I would like to invite you for coffee and a reading session, for private intimate details and also some holistic approach to the “loss syndrome” and pattern you have experienced , to prevent more of the same in the future.

You could contact me at : aurora@yourmessagefromabove.com






Messages from above for Teresa Giudice the Real Houesewife of New Jersey…

Let’s talk Housewives, shall we?

Things will get better, just change spending habits.

Today we will talk about Teresa Giudice of New Jersey.

When I saw Teresa the first time, oh my, how fond of her man she was! She described  Joe,“Juicy”… which I thought, wow, women really admire their husbands! And then there are the four beautiful daughters—Gia, Gabriella, Milania and baby Audriana. She is living the dream of having the perfect family up to a point, being a housewife,  managing the household while still managing to stay “fabulous!” Oh dear, she seems Super Woman and to one extent, all women are Super Humans. Between taking her girls to dance, gymnastics, acting, voice and guitar lessons, while always making sure her home is beautiful and there is a homemade dinner at the table each night—all without the help of a nanny, housekeeper or personal assistant and taking care of the husband, social life and business, it really makes Teresa high on our list.

I only have one son, and at times it seems difficult to manage, but four? God Bless you Teresa. You get my vote!

Super Mom, Super Woman..really!

I remember one of her statements: “my husband is an ass guy” ! how funny that was, I was laughing so hard. I like her transparency, as she also reminds me of me. I don’t censor much either.

I also remember the hatred between all the wives and Danielle Staub and who could forget the unbelievable table flip?:) I think of that instance and I can feel Teresa’s  rage building up and boiling over the top. Classic, aggressive pattern symptoms!

Oh well, Teresa dear, we have some things  in common…the love to doll up little girls and a reactive behavior for sure!  Myself, like the rest of the world, I have judged your weakness at that time, which I should’ve known better. I wasn’t sure if that was for the ratings or you unleashed  the feisty Italian woman?:)

I felt awful you lost it, as you seemed to have it all together…


Save your marriage...

Let’s see what the Angels would like to tell you:

Speaking of your marriage, which is the 911 reason I am writing about you as the trend lately is divorces, engagements, beginning and endings, the Spirit Guides advise you to keep your marriage intact.

Your marriage NEEDS TO and WILL survive the crisis. There is a lot of anger in your husband towards you, for your past spending habits. There is also, a lot of guilt coming from him for not being able to maintain the fairytale you wish to have. He, indeed made you his Quinn with four little pretty princesses, and because things are tough now, he is disappointed to take the “dream” and status away from you and the girls.
There is also a lot of fear and anxiety of how he  future will unfold, on Teresa’s part. Well it’s normal to feel unsettled, but the outcome will be positive, so read on.

Your family is in financial crisis, bankruptcy is or was a must! Yet, the attitude and patterns of spending have remained the same and by not addressing what brought you to financial crisis, is affecting the marriage. It is  like a scream from “spirit” telling you to wake up and get more in touch with reality. For better and for worse….and know that this worse will continue for another minimum 2 years, with a great chance of bouncing back and rebuilding, if you consult with a healer, or/and a financial adviser.

the newest addition, but is there a baby boy coming soon?

Luckily for you, there will be money made by you, as I see you having in the future your own “accessory /fashion” related line and an other book.

So, no, don’t fight, get to heal yourself and the marriage, and  you all will be ok, even stronger than before. I suggest you heal yourself, because you can maintain the harmony in your family and you seem to give support  to everyone around you. There is also, great support coming from your family.

I feel baby boy energy, and even though the message wasn’t confirmed by Spirit, it could mean, a son for you and Joe.

Keep up the good work, SAVE your marriage and change your spending habits. A little baby boy might join your beautiful family, a new book, a new accessory line and with healing and therapy in two years you will bounce back stronger than before. I could help you and honestly, I would love to!:)

Go Girl!




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