Messages from Jett Travolta for John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Benjamin and Ella Beau


Love and New Baby will rejuvenate your relationship.

Congratulations beautiful Kelly Preston and Legendary John Travolta for your cute as a button,new baby boy, Benjamin!

I love the name, Benjamin. I have a friend with this  name, who is an Sagittarius and I call him Benji!  It sounds so good and joyous. I’ve noticed that every time I call my friend  Benji, he is filled with joy.

Based on that and with permission, I will call the new Benjamin Travolta : “Benji”! I  already see a huge smile on his heart as he likes his name, and a rather indigo vibration coming from his soul, which it makes me sing with joy. An indigo child?  this children are wise, spiritual,  intelligent above average and compassionate ! Oh my, this is better than I’ve thought. He is a gift from the Universe and a magical child!


Your son Jett, is watching and protecting your family.


When we’ve heard that Kelly Preston was pregnant at 47, we thought oh, God this is a Miracle and immediately we

concluded that this pregnancy might be  a gift from their son 16-year-old son, Jett Travolta who has passed away, suddenly in 2009.

This new baby is felt as a Spirit Given gift. My intuition is telling me that their beloved son, Jett, who passed over, has a lot to do with this, and even though the new baby is somehow different, the energy feels very alike with the energy of Jett. The parents will also experience similar feelings that they have experienced bringing into the world and raising, son Jett, but the new baby has a different mission and will bring a different vibe to the Travolta’s. I am sure, Kelly Preston felt the presence and warmth of Jett during her miracle pregnancy. As a matter of fact Jett was blessing and protecting them all since the tragic event and during the pregnancy! Yes, this is a miracle, and I feel like the whole world rejoices for them!


Benjamin in the making:) Lovely indigo child.. Congrats!

Little Benjamin/Benji, is a great addition to the family and will bring to his parents and sister, Ella Bleu, exuberance, courage and passion to live. He brings a new meaning to John’s Travolta life. I also see this young soul very wise and a looker, with unique creative abilities very early developed. I am very happy for them:)

I read this article where the author is asking  the readers,” Is Benjamin a  replacement for Jett?”

The the answers come from Jett’s spirit and consciousness,( when I say I channeled Jett , I mean that) who I have asked to give us the correct answers:

“Benjamin is not replacing me, in any form. Benjamin is not the glue to keep the family together, neither was I, to the contrary, I could’ve been the reason for the family to fall apart, time and time again. Benjamin will remind our family of what is important and that is the greatest gift. Yes, Benjamin is a Thanksgiving child and an answer to my Dad’s prayers. He was the most devastated blaming himself, of not being able to save me. Mom and her family was the strong force to keep everyone accepting and ease the pain during mourning. Through Benjamin, my mom is rebirthing herself and I am glad she is moving on.  My sister , Ella Bleu will replace the time she spent with me, with spending time with her new brother.  She will love and bond very deeply with Benjamin!”

Same article states :

“The test now is if the family, who have all but faded away into oblivion, can use the birth of their new son to move closer to healing.”

Ella Beau will bond with Benjamin beyond words..

Spirit says: ” The family needs healing, indeed!”  If I could conduct a  blame release healing session and a chance to say GOODBYE  in spirit to their beloved Jett,  the Travolta family would recover faster, better and with new understandings of the Law of the Universe.

I feel that healing and their deep love and appreciation for each other will help Kelly and John Travolta move pass all marital issues.There is a new chapter in their life, and we will see a rejuvenated Travolta family, shining stronger than before.

We are thrilled that their family is united and this little Angel that joined them in a Miraculous way, will bring peace in their hearts.



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Giuliana and Bill Rancic, baby heartache? No more!

Relaxation, Healing will bring you the babies...

I don’t watch that much TV, but while waiting for a show to come on, I saw some previews of Giuliana crying, so based on that, I assumed she had a miscarriage. I knew that she had been trying to get pregnant with a calendar, with fertility shots, and all that stuff that is not natural or necessary in their case. Giuliana Rancic is the presenter of E News with Ryan Seacrest and she’s married Bill Rancic, the winner of  “The Apprentice“, when he was Hired by Donald Trump.

As you might know already, we are three girls behind these blogs, Cristiana, Daniela and Aurora. We call ourelves “The GooRoo Girls” based on our organic baby collection and the many  GooRoo projects we are developing. Aurora makes the predictions while Cristiana and Daniela  post them, video blog them ( soon to come) and also inform Aurora of who might be the next 911 in our blog.

Babies are in your future...

So, my sister told me that Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill Rancic went to a psychic, who has predicted  2 children for the couple and a comfortable, long life for them. I happen to agree to part of that.  I don’t know details of that reading,  so I will refrain myself from any comments. I will however, bring to their attention my own predictions from the Spirit Guides.

I disagree that their lifestyle will be “comfortable”. I believe their lifestyle will be abundant as Bill is making more and more money and in about 4 to 5 years he will land a HUGE project, that  feel international and with tremendous financial rewards.

Now let’s see the messages for Giuliana and Bill about their babies:

Yes, there will be a family for them. Giuliana needs help, and I volunteer to do it. One of the main reasons she has a hard time conceiving, is of a spiritual nature. She is blocking motherhood, due to a past life when she lost a baby.  That trauma has taught the body, “push away whatever is not yours”. I know it’s weird but our pass lives influence many aspects of our lives, in this dimension.

I see this pattern of energy running through her, and her soul kind of shattered. This makes me sad, indeed. She lost hope, she lost the drive and she’s created some beliefs that are very limiting. Those beliefs need shifting and fast!

Yes, you will win!:)

Yes, I see kids, two and one after another. A little help from a shaman and healer and the process would be easier and faster. Maybe 2 years apart, if that long. I see a girl and I see a boy. I see the baby girl, having an Italian/Latin name, and looking almost like Giuliana, especially, the eyes. I also see Giuliana having her own name, on a cosmetic product. That product  will sell extremely well.

Back to the babies:  Giuliana,  the Spirit is telling you NO more shots. Let your body rest. It is BEYOND important. “

I looked at the date they got engaged, when Bill proposed to Giuliana and it was under a number 8 vibration. Between many meanings of wealth, it also means a minimum of two children for them. I looked at the vibration of the wedding date, and that date’s expression means: “give to receive”!  In their case, what they need, is to give UP the doubts and the impatience about everything, and receive their gifts, which will be  received 10 fold. They married under a wonderful 10 vibration, which means: “All your needs will be provided for”.  Their greatest need now is children, and they will come!

Yes, with a cosmetic line and two babies on the way, you should smile!:)

Spirit gave me a little trick for helping ladies conceive. A shamanic thing that I would love to share with Giuliana, therefore I will try to get in touch with her so I could help her somehow. I know she will get pregnant! I see her pregnant, with a cute belly, and she won’t gain all that much weight. She will glow.:)I feel spring energy, and a very excited Giuliana, and a teary eyed Bill….so maybe something is in the “oven”???

May your dreams come true.



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Messages from above for Teresa Giudice the Real Houesewife of New Jersey…

Let’s talk Housewives, shall we?

Things will get better, just change spending habits.

Today we will talk about Teresa Giudice of New Jersey.

When I saw Teresa the first time, oh my, how fond of her man she was! She described  Joe,“Juicy”… which I thought, wow, women really admire their husbands! And then there are the four beautiful daughters—Gia, Gabriella, Milania and baby Audriana. She is living the dream of having the perfect family up to a point, being a housewife,  managing the household while still managing to stay “fabulous!” Oh dear, she seems Super Woman and to one extent, all women are Super Humans. Between taking her girls to dance, gymnastics, acting, voice and guitar lessons, while always making sure her home is beautiful and there is a homemade dinner at the table each night—all without the help of a nanny, housekeeper or personal assistant and taking care of the husband, social life and business, it really makes Teresa high on our list.

I only have one son, and at times it seems difficult to manage, but four? God Bless you Teresa. You get my vote!

Super Mom, Super Woman..really!

I remember one of her statements: “my husband is an ass guy” ! how funny that was, I was laughing so hard. I like her transparency, as she also reminds me of me. I don’t censor much either.

I also remember the hatred between all the wives and Danielle Staub and who could forget the unbelievable table flip?:) I think of that instance and I can feel Teresa’s  rage building up and boiling over the top. Classic, aggressive pattern symptoms!

Oh well, Teresa dear, we have some things  in common…the love to doll up little girls and a reactive behavior for sure!  Myself, like the rest of the world, I have judged your weakness at that time, which I should’ve known better. I wasn’t sure if that was for the ratings or you unleashed  the feisty Italian woman?:)

I felt awful you lost it, as you seemed to have it all together…


Save your marriage...

Let’s see what the Angels would like to tell you:

Speaking of your marriage, which is the 911 reason I am writing about you as the trend lately is divorces, engagements, beginning and endings, the Spirit Guides advise you to keep your marriage intact.

Your marriage NEEDS TO and WILL survive the crisis. There is a lot of anger in your husband towards you, for your past spending habits. There is also, a lot of guilt coming from him for not being able to maintain the fairytale you wish to have. He, indeed made you his Quinn with four little pretty princesses, and because things are tough now, he is disappointed to take the “dream” and status away from you and the girls.
There is also a lot of fear and anxiety of how he  future will unfold, on Teresa’s part. Well it’s normal to feel unsettled, but the outcome will be positive, so read on.

Your family is in financial crisis, bankruptcy is or was a must! Yet, the attitude and patterns of spending have remained the same and by not addressing what brought you to financial crisis, is affecting the marriage. It is  like a scream from “spirit” telling you to wake up and get more in touch with reality. For better and for worse….and know that this worse will continue for another minimum 2 years, with a great chance of bouncing back and rebuilding, if you consult with a healer, or/and a financial adviser.

the newest addition, but is there a baby boy coming soon?

Luckily for you, there will be money made by you, as I see you having in the future your own “accessory /fashion” related line and an other book.

So, no, don’t fight, get to heal yourself and the marriage, and  you all will be ok, even stronger than before. I suggest you heal yourself, because you can maintain the harmony in your family and you seem to give support  to everyone around you. There is also, great support coming from your family.

I feel baby boy energy, and even though the message wasn’t confirmed by Spirit, it could mean, a son for you and Joe.

Keep up the good work, SAVE your marriage and change your spending habits. A little baby boy might join your beautiful family, a new book, a new accessory line and with healing and therapy in two years you will bounce back stronger than before. I could help you and honestly, I would love to!:)

Go Girl!



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