Justin Bieber Bipolar?

He is exhausted!

I read this article today about Justin Bieber being bipolar or depressed and I decided to ask the Spirits if that is the reason this young man has sleeping problems.

Just Bieber is a young pop star discover by Usher via an YouTube video and his life was not the same since. In theory is an amazing story, but in real life the fame brought him tremendous pressure. His entire path changed for a life that he was not mentally, physically or emotionally prepared for.

The answer to him being bipolar due to lack of sleep is no. His sleeping pattern is due to sadness and fear of some sorts.

Selena is lovely, but it won't last...

His success is wonderful and beyond anyone’s imagination, the adoration he gets from the fans is incomparable with the love he gets in his relationship. The intensity is not matched. The adoration from the fans and the love he feels in private are unbalanced and that makes him very unhappy. He wants in his personal relationship, love of a high intensity to equal the vibration of the adoration he gets from the fans. The love in his relationships with its ups and downs, is makes this young man feel powerless, and he is losing sleep over it. This is also due to his soul recognizing that in love, is a bigger risk and no control!

Usher discovered him, but no one really knew what will unfold!

Justine Bieber will go through a series of short lived romances, like the one he has now with Selena Gomez until love will make sense to him. At one point he will have a more meaningful relationship, but with a woman years older than him. Oops!:)

Bieber will benefit very much from a change in diet and walking to correct his sleeping patterns. A chakra balancing would help him almost instantly. I could help him in a few sessions.

Justin is not depressed or bipolar, he is exhausted! His mom should step in and protect him until is not too late. After all he is a teenager that needs parental guidance.

He needs parental guidance Pronto!

In 2011 Justin Bieber will produce more hits and more duets with some A listers singers. Also I’m noticing a change of hair style, possible highlights and trendier wardrobe . Like Teenage Edge!

Feeling his energy, I’m almost tempted to step in and help him as he will go through many changes..including his voice. At the moment he is not prepared for it and without the proper intervention he won’t be. I want to help as he has great potential for a long career and I want him to get it.

Sleep deprivation could lead to irritation,  irritation to feeling on the edge, and then to pills and other chemicals to make it better.

I wish him and his family blessings..and remember that help is available with high ethics and discretion.




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