Reading of Kate Middleton’s face features! Destined for a Queen!


Kate Middleton face features are destined for a Queen!

Kate Middleton fiance of Prince William of England.

Now we take a look at the fiance now of Prince William, heir to the throne of Great Britain and eldest son of Princess Diana. The lovely Kate Middleton has a face that resembles that of Denmark’s Princess Mary. Kate’s face exhibits all the indications of the presence of a royal and princely boyfriend/fiance in her life. In fact, her face indicates plenty of good fortune. It is full without being fat and it has plenty of yang energy. Her face is brimming with good health and she has many features that indicate good fortune that reinforce each other. It is likely that not only will she marry a very noble and high society born husband, she will also be much loved as well. The Chinese describe this kind of face as being not just filled with good fortune, but one that also attracts luck to those around her. To start with, Kate, like Mary, has a perfect egg-shaped face. Chinese face reading always describes women with this oval-shaped face as destined to having a good life filled to the brim with creature comforts. This kind of woman has many admirers throughout her life. When other indications also confirm it, they will enjoy great fame and success and they will be much loved.

She will be the Queen of England! xoxo

Kate’s eyes are well balanced on both sides of the face. Her high forehead indicates a sensible intelligent mind while her nose indicates she is surrounded by great wealth and will live a life filled with luxuries. So whether or not she marries Prince William, she is destined to contract a brilliant marriage.

Kate’s cheeks are what bring her extreme good fortune. All through her middling years, she will enjoy good fortune and she will have many children. Her luck continues into her mature years.

Her chin is another good feature – it is pointed and slightly tilted upwards. This suggests she will continue to enjoy good fortune in her later years. It is also an indication she will hold a high positon in her old age.

When she does indeed marry Prince William, her face suggests she has the destiny to become Queen. From her face, it seems that if this is to happen, it will be sooner rather than later in her life. When Kate will marry Prince William, it will be the first time in Engish history that a future king has married a commoner who is not an aristocrat.

We love this as it seems like a fairytale story and could be a good influence for young ladies around the globe, to follow Kate as a role model. Manners, Etiquette, dressing decent, respectful, just a few of the traits that helped Kate have Prince William fell in love…

Good Luck, Blessings and Healthy children!




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