2011 Predictions for Victoria and David Beckham

New Fashion recognition for Victoria

well, we are crossing the pond again and we are looking out for this lovely couple: Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. These two in spite of all rumors, they are still together and a good team. Victoria, as we all know is one of the Spice Girls and newly, she is an outstanding clothing designer. David is the Soccer God…and well of course a very interesting and sought after underwear model for Armani. The Beckhams are living their life between England and Los Angeles, with their three lovely sons: Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. As of 2009, the couple’s combined wealth was estimated at £125 millions… not a bad thing to be the Beckhams!:)

David's football career will stall in 2011

Blessings from Celebs911

We asked the Spirits what the future holds for this couple and some interesting events are ahead of them.

First off for Victoria, her fashion empire will become bigger and better, to the point of winning recognition and even maybe designing Kate Middleton wedding gown? For David, his football career will stall in 2011, but he will endorse new products. There is no divorce for them in 2011. For more details, please see our video predictions below and let us know your feedback.

We wish this couple many blessings and happiness…



P.S. did you see today’s  THE VIEW show on ABC? Oh dear..Victoria presented some dresses, bags and shoes from her collection… Ladies wasn’t that an incredible treat? Loved the dresses, especially the silver one.. See full episode here! kisses:)



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