Kim Kardashian getting married by 32?

Kim you will get married, so no desperation needed!

It was a matter of time until we will approach the Kardashian family🙂 Too many 911 situation in that family as there are many of them, but whatever the Spirits wanted to reveal , we are bringing it to you.

We love Kris Kardashian, that’s a fact, as we consider her a Super Woman…only six childbirths alone and she is on top:) Add to that putting the entire family in the spot light and bringing them all to great income levels. Kuddos Kim!

Kim Kardashian is the most recognized one as she endorsed many products like:  Famous Cup Cake, Kim Kardashian Perfume,  Kardashian  Jewelery Collection by Virgins, Saints+ Angels , VATA athletic wear , Playboy, appearances and well the infamous the Kardashian Mastercard that really got people mad. Thank God they got out of that deal.

Khloe, good marriage, Kourtney- problems with Scott, Kim- watch your health

However, we admire their sense of business and as an image they are very appealing, but we are more interested in what’s happening inside them and what’s in front of them from a Spiritual point of view.

On Kim Kardashian, you will notice that she will be married by 32, she will have a daughter, she might be rushed to the hospital in 2011, their income will stall next year, one of the younger sisters will get a huge modeling contract, an arrest in New York City, which we believe will be Scott, Kourtney Kardashian‘s boyfriend…and many other details for this family in our video session.

Lovely family..we are wishing you Merry Christmas and of course Blessings.

Please enjoy our blog and if you have any questions please let us know. The predictions for this family are coming to you in two segments as in the first one we are gossiping a little bit about Kim dating Halle Berry‘s ex and other girls stuff. You could just go towards the end if you want to get directly to the predictions.


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2 Responses to Kim Kardashian getting married by 32?

  1. raj says:

    Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy Scott Disick went ballistic on a photographer at Miami International Airport yesterday.
    See All latest News:

    • celebs911 says:

      That guy will get arrested in NYC for similar behavior.. he is violent and he doesn’t have control. I understand that it might be annoying to have the paparazzi in your face all the time, but from previous situations we all know that he has some problems. Thanks for the information:) xoxo

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