What future holds for Elizabeth Hurley?

Have fun! Your soul desires and needs that. xoxo

Elizabeth Hurley the actress, the model, the designer and the most important qualification of all, the mom, goes through some rough times in her personal life. The divorce is imminent and we predicted it on December 13th, 2010.

However, in July 2010, in NYC, at ENK trade show for children attire, we’ve met Anita, Elizabeth’s very own logistic manager. Anita was presenting Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection,at one of the booths. That was a little unusual considering that most lines are represented by the distributors. We liked that very much and we started talking with Anita about the line, about Elizabeth and in general about England. To our delight we found out how down to earth Elizabeth is, what a hands on mother she is, and that she lives on a beautiful farm in Oxford, England and she loves taking care of gardening, horses herself.

Too many differences, religious, cultural, structural...so it needs to end...:(

In our psychic predictions you will notice that Elizabeth’s future is quite nice, that she should date but not get married for at least three years, that she will make an other movie, and many other details.

Enjoy viewing and your feedbacks mean the world to us. Thank you bunches for reading our blog and we are thrilled of being able to keep you entertained.




Please watch our video predictions for Elizabeth and as we are fond of her, we made sure we left no stones unturned.:) for positive events of course.

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