The Real Housewives of Beverly “Hells” Trilogy:)

The newest Housewives in USA!

Hard to explain how I felt after watching the last episode of  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, on Bravo Network. I just know that most of us were displeased and it made me decide to start writing about them and analyzing their behaviors and their really 911 situations.

I will start with a general reading , culminating with a readings/messages from the Spirits for each one of the controversial house wives.. I will make a different post for each Housewife, but not before getting to the bottom of whatever happen at Camille Donatacci‘s dinner party.

It keeps on getting better and better! The greater the luxury, the greater the drama and of course the ratings! These days, fame and recognition is obtain more from negative behavior, due to us as a society, wanting to find out counterpoints in something celebrities and the privileged have or do. As long as they show us “flaws”, we will  feel better about ourselves. It’s like brain programming:)

I rarely watch television, but last night I felt compelled to watch something to relax my brain…well you guessed, no relaxing as I was so upset after that episode that I couldn’t stop thinking how can I help those ladies, that indeed, are in major emotional pains.

When I’ve heard that there will be a medium/psychic lady at the party, it peaked my curiosity even further as overall, this is someone from my field of work and with same interests as myself: “other dimensions”, spirituality, channeling and so forth.

I  am still appalled at how that whole situation happened, but in reality, the incident at the dinner party was premeditated and orchestrated somehow. Nicely said, the incident was “accidentally” planned and I am not implying production scripts, I am implying Camille’s ways. I believe none of us was entertained as irritation and frustration were the main feelings that surfaced.

The special guest, Camille’s friend, Allison Dubois, the great psychic/medium was there and she made the matters worse to everyone’s annoyance.

If I was at the party, I would’ve answer those ladies questions without details, but for a little bit of fun but rudeness and vindictive statements are never allowed as a message from the Spirits as they are coming only to put us on the right path and for guidance.

You are lovely and you have a heart of gold!

Lisa, your grandma was there indeed, protecting you from insults. You have to leave for London soon, a family emergency will require it. Please check your own mini reading that will be posted soon. You rock!:)

Kyle be more sensitive to your sister.

Kyle, divorce is not coming your way for at least 15 years. Please check your reading when posted. Take care of Kim!

Oh dear, you need to call me.

Taylor, oh dear, you are breaking my heart with the amount of pain I feel from you. Your soul wants a divorce but you are fearing judgment. Please check your personal reading and PLEASE reach out. I can help!

you are strong and we like you at Celebs911:)

Adrienne, the business matter that you have, will go away. Stop obsessing over it. Relax and go for a retreat with your husband, no children. Please read more on your personal mini reading. You have integrity and I admire that!

Stop feeling like the ugly duckling, as you are not.

Kim, it’s about time to start dating, but it will be stressful as men won’t understand what are you looking for. Make up your mind and ask the Universe for the most compatible ONE for you.

Get Help !

Camille, before you make any more damages to yourself and other around you, please get some help. I already made predictions for you, and I got some more insights for you so check out your post when available.

Faye, I know you are not a Housewive, but you were at that horrific dinner party and the Spirits have some messages for you as well: migraines and headaches will bother you and a trip to an eye specialist is imminent. I’ll write a little more about you, or if you would like a more intimate reading, please let me know.

Make Peace not War between people!

Allison, there is no message from above for you through my sister Aurora. But there is a message from me, Cristiana, Aurora’s sister.

I’ve been around all my life a medium, a psychic, a NLP gifted practitioner and so much more, which is Aurora. I never seen anything so unethical and rude in my life. You, as a therapist, counselor, medium, are not entitled to an opinion when you bring the messages from the Spirits. Being rude and vindictive, how do you think you will be perceived? More so, putting people down do you think it makes you feel as a better psychic? I can’t believe you were threatening as  well?

Now, as a viewer, I noticed when Camille made the statement as a warning to all the other ladies at the party: “well girls, be careful with asking questions, as she could say if your husbands are cheating”… really Allison? Can you do that? Well then you must’ve have an off day considering that your best friend’s husband, Kelsey Grammer was cheating for a while at the time of the taping, now he is engaged and he dropped Camille as a hot potato, unexpectedly to her? How come she was not prepare with a friend like you in her entourage?  How come you didn’t guide her to prevent it? With those drinks in front of view and with the arrogant attitude you were a disgrace to human race, to women and made a bad name for the sacred occult world! I understand that the alcohol might’ve played a role, but you know what they say: In Vino Veritas! If you need a healing session I highly suggest to call my sister!

You turned the Beverly Hills into Beverly “Hell” and you were suppose to be the psychic- instrument from God!

There is a message from the Spirit for you Allison: “No matter how heated things can get, maintain the compassionate and wise attitude. Kindness is more appealing than any spiritual gifts”.

So dear, readers, I will post everyday a reading on each one of these lovely ladies based on my sister’s predictions from the Spirits and hoping to bring peace to them with high ethical values. I wish you all : Happy Holidays and let’s make the world a better place.



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