Messages from Above for Kendra and her family. A new baby on the way?

Today is an other day when we will film new installments of our video blogs. Please come back as we will film world predictions, maybe Oprah, Angelina and Brat Pitt and who know who else?

Her life on the right path...

In the meanwhile, we have Kendra Wilkinson, the sassy blond, the Playboy model, the Girl Next Door, that enchanted us with her specific laughter, with her tomboyish attitude and from my point of view, with reality. I can’t get over her one year old son, Hank… he is just adorable.

Who would’ve thought that out of all the three ladies from the PlayBoy Mansion, Kendra will be the first one to get her life in order? Let’s be honest, we all thought she was a stupid goose with no brains and a nice body. Well, surprise, surprise!  We are proud of Kendra at Celebs911 and because of that and her family we asked the Spirits on her behalf and here are the answers:

“Kendra is a master builder, and she is slowly building up her “Empire”. One of her messages from above is: “to win, you need to proceed slowly and persistently”.

Kendra has a crisis consciousness and somehow brings upon herself all sorts of challenges, crisis, difficulties and changes, that can threaten her stability and sense of security

The beginnings...

Her passionate way of experiencing and expressing  strong emotions, wins her the friends she has and more fans in 2011. They are also mentioning for a potential new baby for Kendra, which  feels of masculine energy so I could conclude that there could be a  coming soon for little Hank.

The controversial sex tape it has in a way some positive impact on Kendra as it made her feel FREER:) Something like all skeleton out of the closet!

The Heff and Kendra ...

Kendra shows some signs of irritability which we all noticed, but they will be more obvious as she will become more impatient and restless due to some chemical and hormonal imbalances. That might have something to do with her Post Partum Depression tendency, which considering that she might have an other cute bundle of joy, it could be the reason.

Spirits are suggesting that she needs to think of what her husband needs are, but also, what her needs are, as in the spring , she will be burnt out and will need to make herself a priority. Her income will grow next year, which means business will be good.

Her New Life! We love real real attitude.

Beautiful Family could have a new addition soon:) A new brotehr for baby Hank?

The Spirits advise also on a older woman, which it could be Kendra’s lovely grandmother, that until the summer 2011 she could encounter some illness. We will send good energy just in case.

All together Kendra’s life is on the right path, her babies are VERY special and they will become BIG entrepreneurs and we, at Celebs911 wish them all the best as we like their dynamic and honesty as souls.


GooRoo Girls

Please check our collection of cute organic baby clothes. Kendra, we wish we could send you some of our silky soft garments for little Hank… let us know where?


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