Messages from above for Kathy Griffin…Go Team Griffin!:)

Go Team Griffin!:)

Kathleen Mary Griffin, the very funny actress from My Life on the D list, for which she won a few Emmy awards as an executive producer of the show. This lovely lady that says it like it is and even tough at times overwhelming, she is just an original that makes the skyline of Hollywood, well let’s just say, funnier:)We love Kathy Griffin here at Celebs911 and we wanted to check if and when Kathy will have a meaningful relationship her way in the future?

Kathy will not find a man in the next few months, that’s for sure. She seems to be too strong in relationships and that is against her.

Men want to come closer to her, and they feel secure and ready to be with Kathy, but deep inside, they fear they will be ridiculed as we all know that Kathy says it like she sees it!:)

The Apple Excec is not the one. Better than that it's coming your way:)

The quality that they like about her initially, Kathy’s  sense of humor, later it becomes an issue to dislike her and make them go away.Kathy will have a quite challenging year in 2011, all in matters of the heart. Maggie, Kathy Griffin’s mother, she became somehow known as well and for her we predict some health issues for 2011.

This year’s Holidays seem to be more  special for Katy, as I feel she is making a bigger effort than ever before. Way to go Kathy!

She needs a strong man, with money and status. A dark hair man will come her way, very patriotic and in a position of authority and power, with political interests -but it is not immediately.

The most probable time is  likely from fall 2011 til summer 2013 for Katy to find the man and have commitment and plans for the future.

Maggie some health issues in 2011. We will send energy..

2011 will be a more relaxing year for Kathy. Her career will get stronger with new opportunities, but less stressful, less demanding and she will actually have time for letting go and reassessments.
Kathy needs a foundation and security. She does express herself better, becoming more creative and more motivated, when she is in love and for Kathy, love and money represent security and security is an essential part of her life.

The message from above for Kathy is : “Learn to love again, in spite of the painful past experiences. Redefine what you want to experience and this time, a more open minded person will come to love you as you are : loving, loyal, organized and dependable”

Heart warming... You go girls!:)

We are wishing to Kathy Griffin all the best and may her fortune come to fruition!  For Maggie we will send energy to make her a little stronger. Help is available to the highest level of ethics. Reach out…


GooRoo Girls

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