Why Jennifer Aniston is not married? We know!

Get help Jennifer and clear up your patterns...

We all have seen endless  pages in magazines, month after month, about Jennifer Aniston being the most eligible bachelorette on the Planet, or how weird she behaves at home with her staff, or her pictures in a tiny bikini, or about her smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and exercising compulsively, or about her humiliation of being left for an other woman. Since her divorce from Bad Pitt, when he left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie, we all wondered why did it happen? Who did what and now let’s be honest, who could resist  Angelina Jolie?

Now years passed by and we are wondering : Why the most eligible bachelorette on the Planet is not married or even in a committed relationship?

We’ve seen/heard the list of dates, boyfriends, love affairs she encountered but in spite the fact that there were plenty men interested in her, Jennifer Aniston is still single.

Considering that this is a 911 situation we had to look into it and ask the Spirit: What is with Jennifer Aniston that can’t seal a relationship?

I asked Spirit for a Divine Intervention and the answers are quite interesting:

The most talked about triangle on the Planet:)

Spirit says:  “Jennifer Aniston would not settle. Jennifer Aniston is a bit selective and due to the way Brad Pitt ended their marriage, there are plenty  of issues with fear of abandonment and betrayal.Spirit also shows that Jennifer’s way of expression is different than of many other people, and it is perceived “strange” to say the least by the men coming in her life. Well, that includes some intense sexual games!:) ( My mouth is sealed):)

I also sense, the time was not right for her marriage with Brad Pitt. Her soul have designed to experience how  is to have and be married to the man everyone else wanted! Go figure!:)  She chose to marry the “Sexiest Man on the Planet” and then, to lose it all in a second, to the woman who every man wanted, the ” Sexiest Woman on the Planet”!

tough Lesson for Jeniffer...

That must be a hell of a contract Jennifer’s soul chose. Even though Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman, Angelia Jolie remains the woman that every man on the planet want , dreamed of, fantasized about….and wished for. Tough Lesson!
The grace of this whole thing is that Jennifer seems to do a good job on learning her lesson, yet, deep inside there is a huge wound and until that wound is healed, she will not be too eager to be married, nor her future husband will approach.

I know she will marry again, and family IS in her destiny. But it seems like motherhood and being a wife for her will come after a period of drama, longing and on occasions hopelessness.

Deep inside, she wants to be married but at the same time, have all the freedom of the unmarried life. Quite a paradox! These two basic needs are not congruent with one another, and it defiantly brought upon Jennifer the divorce and the being single status.

We attract what we experience, because our soul needs the experience, even if the experience is a very challenging, painful and negative one. In the end, it is all good!

There is a man out there for you and a baby girl...

When she will find her man, she  will have a baby girl probably in a  year or a little over a year. This little girl will be pretty as Jennifer. Her future husband will be  a good-looking, kind and well established man. Jennifer should let the control go, the compulsions and relax to attract what the Universe has for her.We wish her well and I will add: find a good Healer, NLP practitioner to help with your patterns. When all that is cleared, which could be done in one or two session depends on the complexity, you will be free like a bird and your man and baby girl will settle into your life.

You could contact me as I assure discretion and results!


GooRoo Girls


P.S. I hope Chelsea Handler won’t see this post as she is friends with Jennifer Aniston and TOTALLY against Angelina.:) But this is not my personal opinion, these are the messages from above for Jennifer Aniston, censored!

Please check the video predictions as well for Jennifer Aniston, we are entertaining:)


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7 Responses to Why Jennifer Aniston is not married? We know!

  1. meme says:

    like who cares

    • celebs911 says:

      Hello! That’s for whoever cares:) I know Jennifer Aniston is one of the celebs that people really want to hear about…Thanks for reading:) It’s a lot of scoop on her every where you turn:) xoxo GooRoo Girls

  2. alex says:

    oh Cmom if a fingernail breaks she will fire her two chefs and 15 nannies/And beat the kid..
    Chelsea Handjob and her should just open up their wee gay closets together=perect couple.

    • celebs911 says:

      I am not sure who are you referring to in your comment, but because you mentioned nannies I will assume is about Camille, Kelsey Grammer’s almost ex? Thanks for reading and please subscribe to our blog as we promise to keep you entertained!:) xoxo GooRoo Girls

  3. alex says:

    Oops perfecto couple i meant to say..

  4. vivian le says:

    aniston want love for love only ,all men in and out to welcome.

  5. vivian le says:

    aniston looking for men only,young and power like major
    she not want married.make love in and out immediately,welcome any young men.
    theroux not good for her live,good fuck only ,and out after.

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