Predictions for Real Housewife of Orange County, Tamra Barney…

What the next season will reveal?:)

If I would only counsel the Real Housewives from anywhere, one by one, I will be busy for the rest of my life. Honestly…

So many issues and scandals and rivalry and enviousness and anger, that it will take me a good while to heal them, reprogram them and allow them to be who they are intended to be.

Today I will look into Tamra Barney’s yard as I noticed from the beginning a very controlling husband and a no identity Tamra. At one point I felt very sorry for her, mostly when she was trying to defend her son from a previous relationship in front of Simon Barney, and she had to accept what Simon said or wanted. Oh, dear the Feminist in me is coming out:)

The infamous husband! What a controlling creature!:(

I am not sure if the divorce is final between Tamra and Simon, but I know there were reports that Simon getting arrested for domestic violence, which of course it was in front of the kids:(

I am quite curious of the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, on the Bravo network!

In the mean while let’s see what Spirit Guides have to say about and for Tamra Barney.

The divorce is imminent. They will end up divorced.  I see that her marriage was under a “mask”  for a very long time. She made  a mistake marrying Simon Barney and she knew it shortly after the ceremony.

This is not your man! Just a rebound guy..

Tamara, is lashing out on occasions due to not being able to be honest with herself or with anyone of that matter. That must have been difficult  not having anyone you could trust. Tamra thinks she is envied by other women for her looks, which in appearance might be, but in reality, in spite of her nice physical body, she has never been really admired. She didn’t even make a noticeable  impact that women could look up to Tamra dear, your problem is not women’s enviousness, is your own insecurities.

One of the biggest challenges she has and will have unless  choses to get help, is being excessively critical, due to fear.

Tamara is prone to hurting everyone,  with verbal or non-verbal communication. Her disapproving looks, body language and attitude will get her in trouble and disliked if she doesn’t reach for help.

In her heart, she is hoping that someone, somehow, will come to rescue her, from her weakness and challenges and reassures her, that she is good enough. Tamra it’s all within you! You don’t need others to tell you the truth about yourself.

All you need is the courage to allow your authentic self to come out…the one that everyone will love and embrace. Yes, it’s in there and I could bring it out for you.

Become yourself...

There will be financial struggles for Tamra in the future.  This lady has a body image problem as well as  low self esteem problems. The violence is no stranger to her, as her own son has issues with short temper and Tamra herself, is raging from time to time. When such pattern of violence is formed we have to ask what is wrong with us that people around us are behaving that way? It’s complex, but I know I could be of help.

She desperately needs a “venting” session, off camera with someone that won’t judge, won’t call the tabloids and will let her be herself for an hour. So please, get in touch and we will fix all there is to be fixed and call from the Universe all that it’s yours, including a new, kind husband?




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2 Responses to Predictions for Real Housewife of Orange County, Tamra Barney…

  1. Why is she running around with multiple men having children from several men? Obviously doesn’t think of her kids first. Typical.

    • celebs911 says:

      I believe she is confused and because she was in that abusive relationship with Simon, she is trying to rebel somehow.. She will find peace ultimately…She loves her kids, but she needs to find herself. Thank you for reading…xoxo GooRoo Girls

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