Does Tiger Woods have a sexual addiction?

Better times ahead, Tiger!

From outside, Tiger Woods,  might seem to have it all, money, fame, power, and a lot of women attention. By now, we all know that all of the above are not enough, or that too much of a good thing it becomes a bad thing.

Marriages thrive, marriages fail, we all get over things, and we all are meant to have some challenges to overcome. IN his case, his challenge is cheating and inappropriate sexual encounters.

I asked Spirit what is going on? What can I do to help? Does Tiger Woods need help? Yes, he needs it more than anyone else.

The core of Tiger’s problems, believe it or not, is not sex related. The real problem he has, indeed, affects sexuality and looks as a compulsion, but his problem is a huge need for variety.

Golf indeed is structured, and precise and disciplined. When that structure environment is ending,  is that rebellion that sets in place that requires spontaneity and NO ROUTINE. That’s where all those women/mistresses came in handy. I will make a parallel with a man or a woman that is in charge all day long at work, Alpha creatures, the second they are coming home all they want is to be taking care of and submit to their partner, meaning they don’t want to make any decisions anymore, at least at home.

Elin and Tiger, should've discover themselves before marriage. We hate the turtle neck Elin!

Marriage is a well structured institution, with its ups and downs, high and lows, but with the prestige and pressure of someone like Tiger Woods, and as you know by now he rebelled that too! About the marriage with Elin Nordegren, what was missing there it was honesty. He didn’t spell out his needs and wants from the beginning and she didn’t try to even inquire about it! This is a negotiation strategy that should be implemented before ANYONE says I do.

Now on the healing therapy for Tiger Woods:

Unless  deep breathing technique, free style dancing, or simply color therapy are used, his soul will look for an outlet, where he can FEEL FREE…and affairs usually give the pleasure of the body, instant gratification, challenge for the mind and of course FREE of Responsibilities.  Including emotional responsibility for the convenient woman he is with. One of my paintings based on Healing Art will make wonders for Tiger.

Is Tiger Woods problem that great that cannot be fixed? Absolutely not!

Be the Champion that you are !

However, deeper level healing has to occur for this episode. Now, he has more pain than before, and a bigger need to have affairs than when this whole thing became public. He is refraining from it as the media will destroy him, immediately…

Tiger Woods is a PGA champion and we are all very proud of his abilities and achievements, but with a little bit of Divine Intervention we could redirect his Champion energy to his personal being, and help him become a Champion Father, Husband/Boyfriend.

Tiger Woods needs our support!  The media, should leave him alone and stop being so double standards, as it doesn’t help! We gave him a way too hard of a time, when deep inside we actually sympathize with him and we see him as a national hero, regardless of his indiscretions.

Tiger Woods’ energy is a good one, no meanness, just pure lack of control due to his NEED of variety!



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  1. Most of the times blogs are the same but i honestly enjoyed what i read. Bravo !

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