Suri Cruise more famous than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Tom Cuise and Katie Holmes Heading for Divorce?

We wrote predictions for many celebrities so far and I am proud of all of them. But  today I am attempting Hollywood Royalties: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise and it feels a little intimidating.

I didn’t want to read for Tom Cruise and his family by any means, but my sister, Cristiana , being very curious asked me if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will divorce? She read something on whatever gossip magazine and she wanted to know from the Spirits.

Well, we all love Tom Cruise, the actor that entertained us for many years, bringing us great movies like Top Gun, Risky Business and my favorite one, Jerry Maguire.  We love Tom Cruise, Katie and Suri!

I asked the Spirit Guides about this famous couple and the messages are as follows:

What an Angel...

The relationship between Tom and Katie got rockier about five months ago. The news that they sleep in separate bedrooms has truth to it and unfortunately a divorce is imminent in the near future. This is actually very bad news and with so many divorces in Hollywood at the moment, it really feels like a trend! In Tom and Katie’s case is about differences, and we feel is clearly about the Scientology rules and restrictions, that drive Katie absolutely mad. We don’t judge based on this kind of choices, by any means, but what is good for one is not necessarily good for the other.

There are some great news for the Cruise family and that is about Suri. This little fashionista, believe it or not will have more fame and recognition than her very famous parents.  When she will be about 12 years old, Suri’s life will change forever as she will be a teen idol ( Hannah Montana Energy), meaning she will be a celebrity on her own.

This outfit prepares Suri for her stellar future.

We love the Cruise family...too bad the relationship is collapsing...

This will not be a phase for Suri as she will become an A lister herself and considering that will be more famous than her dad and mom, she will actually be a A+ lister! Very talented, special, little girl!

We are sad for Suri that her parents will go through a divorce but also happy that she will make a difference in the world!

From now on we have to look at Suri in a different light, all those incredible outfits, less the high heels, imply a diva in training.

Considering that she was born on April 18th, she is an Aries! She will conquer it all!:)

We love the Cruise family and we are sorry for their relationship but we believe that they could be happy individually and for the sake of Suri, life will go on.



Video Predictions for Cruise Family.

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