Princess Diana’s messages to Prince William on his Royal Engagement

A loving mother with her sons...

Many people including myself are fond of Princess Diana and of course it broke our hearts when that horrible accident happened back in 1997. In my case, there is one image that got stuck in my head, and that is Prince William and Harry, two little boys at the time, having to walk behind their mother’s funeral entourage. The sadness in their eyes, the helplessness and the disbelief were beyond words. I am still sad! As a matter of fact when I started channeling for the newly engaged couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, I didn’t intend to channel Princess Diana, but she came through immediately as she had a few messages for her son.

Please, understand that what I am saying is the truth and what I am delivering in all of my Messages is definitely the truth from an other dimension. It is very emotional.  I am doing automatic writing, and tears are running non stop down my face…if all people would see/feel what I feel and see…

Lovely couple...

Prince William is engaged! This is a very special moment. This is Historical!  I sense how important  this event is for the Royal family. Their love and commitment is God approved and “orchestrated”.  But now having Princess Dianna talking through me for the second time in 13 years, I can honestly say that this union is MOM approved as well.

My world is different than others. I function as a normal human being ,but I sense many dimensions of reality at once, which is not always a blessing, trust me:) So….Here she comes, The Princess of Whales, and I get to “see” her white, porcelain like face and a beautiful tiara. I  never wanted to wear a tiara before, but boy, I wish I could take that and have it on my head, in spirit, just for a second. And you bet I did, thank God in spirit we are all equal.  I love her for many reasons. Princess Diana is a legend and as a soul, she chose such a complex path. Her passing over, was within days of my dad’s, so when the whole world was grieving her, I was also, grieving my own loss. So, I don’t know if I am emotional because every time I sense Princess Diana I am reminded of my  loss, or if it is simply such an out of body experience, to be in this space of overflowing love and information….

So emotional... William your mom is watching and she approves, 100%.

I see her blush cheeks and reminds me of Prince William’s blush cheeks. Like mother like son! They are so similar in many ways, as they shared a special connection, beyond human understanding.

Message from Princess Diana to Prince William: “I rejoice so much in your ability to love her with such intensity and purity. You remind me of myself in love. Know that I give my blessing to you and your lovely beautiful and compassionate bride.  I am most content to know you gave her my ring, a symbol of love and protection. Also know that Kate’s love for you is as strong as mine. You have  met a true love and let NOTHING come between you two. I would have loved her and got along with her very well, if I was still on the dimension. Everyone loves her already, everyone waited for her. Your union is the new PRESTIGE FOR ENGLAND.  You turned out to be above and beyond a mother’s expectation and  just as your brother, the pride of your father and Queen.

She is going to make one of the most beautiful brides in the world. Her wedding dress will be talked about, just as mine was. The dress will be very elegant, more on the Valentino style of design, but it will be a British Designer. Surprise her with violet flowers as centerpiece for a romantic dinner and monogram table place mates bordered with organza, just for the two of you.

The chemistry is there... Match made in heaven

Diana also said a few things about William which were quite cute  as: William doesn’t like ties at all, also he ate a lot as a boy..sometimes he hid to eat some more:) There was also a little story that she mentioned for William..something that happened in Venice, when William stepped in… something, not worth mentioning for Royalty, but they were laughing so much..I hope William remembers that moment. ( I won’t disclose many details as it’s between Mother and son). I also asked if there are any dangers/accidents/illnesses ahead of William and Kate and she said for William to watch his kidneys. The rest smooth sailing, no accidents. She also said something about a fire, that could ignite in a place like a library or an archive next year. I will look more into it. Also, it seems that the Queen cried when she heard the engagement news, and Diana also confirmed that the Queen cried indeed when she heard the news about Diana’s death and after the funeral.

Within three years from your wedding, your brother Harry will marry as well. Kate and you will have children very soon after the marriage and the best time for your wedding is April-May.

I won’t cross boundaries, but Diana wanted to say many things and she did say, but the above mentioned is OK to be published. The rest is only for William, Harry , Kate and….well yes, Charles and Camilla.

Congratulations Prince William and lovely Kate Middleton ! May this union be happy and blessed. I could see the energy of two children very close to them, and I know those are the soul essence of the future Royal children, coming to life through their union. Yes, and within a little while, maybe over a year, in spring.  And another one, soon after…even tough twins energy came, I don’t believe they will have twins.

They will all get along and will bring Britain to a new level.

This article made me very emotional…a part of me is crying with sadness for the past and an other part of me with happiness for this lovely couple that will keep the UK on their shoulders, soon. I will send protective energy your way and please remember what Princess Diana said: Let NOTHING come between the two of you to change this path!

Love, Peace, Blessings,



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8 Responses to Princess Diana’s messages to Prince William on his Royal Engagement

  1. celebs911 says:

    I believe you are writing on impulse, without knowledge and from a place of unfaithfulness. If I wouldn’t be able to back up every word that I am saying do you think I would ever say anything of this magnitude? Trust me, that I DO channel the Spirits I mentioned and I would never mislead anyone or impose my views. I just want to help and be the voice between the two worlds. Blessings.

  2. kellie says:

    Could u channel for me? I would love to know if someone has a message for me. Please and thanks.

    • celebs911 says:

      Hello and thank you for your comment. In order to ask a question you will visit: Email Aurora with specifics and she will let you know whatever you might need to know. Take in consideration that she is VERY scheduled, but we appreciate our readers so for sure you will get an answer.
      xoxo GooRoo Girls:)

  3. brian says:

    Hi can you tell me when i will fall in llove im single no kids and 46 yrs old can you do this for me im a pisces. and will i become rich too

  4. Lorelie says:

    Hi there! Just read the above, and I just would like to say…WOW!!! I am a BELIEVER and I am a mother too myself and before running into this article, I was just thinking about Princess Diana not being able to be there for her son’s wedding. I am sure Prince William has been thinking about his lovely mother. I know that Princess Diana has been watching over her sons and she will be looking down on them from Heaven.

    • celebs911 says:

      Hello Lorelie,
      thank you for reading our blog. Indeed, the Royal Wedding was very emotional and we will post an article as if and how Princess Diana was at the wedding, which we all know she was. From the Spiritual point of view it was a treat and we wish them lots of love, peace and blessings. xoxo GooRoo Girls

  5. Andrew Russell - Davis says:

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