Is Jessica Simpson getting married?

Yes smile...:)

Jessica Simpson is engaged! Happy event. Her fiance, Eric Johnson a free agent NFL player proposed after only six months of dating. Well, many were raising eyebrows for a few reasons? First off ,Nick Lachey just proposed to his lovely fiance Vanessa Minillo, then Eric Johnson just got divorced in September of this year from his stylist wife, and speculations are if Eric is using Jessica for celebrity status? I know it sounds like a Spanish Telenovela:

Now I will go back to my predictions for Jessica Simpson and her fiance , Eric Johnson. I will start with the ring.  Considering that Jessica Ann was born on July 10th, she is a Cancer in zodiologic terms.  From that point of view, the stone for Jessica’s ring should’ve been an Emerald not a ruby. Stones are very important for our energy alignment and they should be considered as such.

Now let’s see what the Angels are saying about this potential union.

Blessings from Celebs911!

We all like gossip and juicy news as it takes us to a different world. At times news are crosses boundaries and often hurts and saddens the subjects they are dishing about. However when Jessica Simpson announced her engagement  deep down she was sad when she read unfavorable comments. She was expecting the entire world to wish her well, as she was notoriously unlucky in love.  The problem is, we should’ve let her enjoy her moment of happiness and bliss, but people’s bitterness takes over and we don’t allow even one minute of anything to our Celebs.

Actually Jessica was more than sad , she was hurt by the comments made about her and her fiance and about her ex and mostly about people doubting the validity of her love and engagement. I could feel her disappointment.

The ring should be an Emerald or a Diamond.

I asked the Spirit Guides to tell me more on Jessica’s new love and engagement. In her personal relationship with Eric she is content with the fact that she is ACCEPTED the way she is emotionally, physically, mentally and she is desired for her inner beauty. She was America’s Sweetheart and when you fall out of public’s grace of ” the sexiest” to “weight issues diva” it takes a strong man, a kind human to be next to you and give you reassurance. From this point of view Eric is a blessing in the sky. Most importantly, love conquers everything and that’s what inspires us to start again and to be vulnerable again, open our hearts and look for meaning and true intimacy.

you are beautiful!

Now, even tough I wish them well and I want their union to happen in peace and love, I see some drawbacks along the way that could influence the outcome of their engagement. With the right healing, therapy and support this engagement could flourish into a wedding, a marriage and some cute little ones running around. In the meanwhile, Jessica Simpson is teaching us all acceptance and my advise is:  Please have that Prenup Signed! You will understand later…



**The Spirit Guides gave me plenty of details, but again I can’t cross boundaries and volunteer predictions if they are not requested by the subject.**

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2 Responses to Is Jessica Simpson getting married?

  1. I feel happy for Jessica,but I feel like she still misses Nick. I just hope that everything goes well for her in the future. What could you tell me about Nick Lachey and his future wife Vanessa Minnillo.

  2. I would like to know if the rumors are true about Jessica Simpson being pregnant.. I hope things go well for her if she is..

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