Kanye West’s message from above…

You are talented!

I would love to meet Kanye West. I would love to sit down with him and vent and share, because I know how much pain he has in his heart. I know what his human needs are, what triggers him, and why it triggers him. Kanye’s song, Heartless is one of my favorites. I transcend just by closing my eyes when I’m listening to Heartless….and somehow the song connects me with all the pain, heart break of all women and men from our time. Nothing to be envious about . There was not one time I’ve heard this song, without tears pouring down my cheeks.

I asked Spirit why I get so emotional hearing this particular song ? To my surprise, according to angels, this song carries vibrations from  Kanye West’s pain, a pain about life, human race, human conditions and his own passionate outbursts of anger and resentment and frustrations.

it was a mistake, you didn't mean it...

Every time I hear that he has said something hurtful publicly to someone, I get to see the core of what is going on. Kanye is not insensitive. To the contrary he is very sensitive and kind. He is an artist, and he thrives emotions like most artists. I asked Spirit if I could help him and they showed me among other things, that when he was a young boy,  maybe 3 years old or so,  Kanye experienced frustration for the first time. He felt he was connected way beyond his years and also, most of the emotions he was feeling, were not his. He was connected to his mother, and felt all her emotions as well. Not only that, he was also connected to his neighborhood and felt the emotions and despair and silent frustration and judgments of poor African American people.Let’s be realistic, that is a lot to feel.  How does a 3 year old cope with things that no one knows about, and cannot even explain himself? It must have been very hard and confusing.

Kanye West’s troubles  in this life come from a desire to have things right, fair and for the best of all.

you are kind...

He was a warrior in a recent past life and I see that  as a spiritual worker and shaman. I can see how his soul is still working the same drama and is trying to accept the same things. Kanye’s biggest lesson for this life,  is about “acceptance of things that are out of his control”. Huge lesson! When something is out of our control, and we cannot accept it, we then become out of control. The outcome? Impulsive reactions from a place of pain.
Kanye West is a wonderful man: sensitive, giving, generous, talented. I could bring  him the help he needs, if I only knew how to reach him.

I saw his outburst with Taylor Swift. I could also see his dilemma between understanding and not understanding the media reaction. I could see that many other people agreed with him, liking another videoclip better but his delivery was literally like a provocation of war, meaning with lack of diplomacy and diligence. I  also saw his apology and  I could see the apprehension to even say something and it not be misconstrued or hurtful again…….but I also saw, honesty and a desire to change. I could see a loud cry for help in his eyes and heart.

Now I don’t know how to say this not to cross boundaries, but a message from Kanye’s Mother came to me and I will deliver it partially.

your mom is watching over you.

Miss Donda West‘s message to Kanye:

Besides reminding Kanye of a special rice dish that she used to make for him that he loved, she said: Stop punishing yourself for not being able to protect me . I am proud of you and no matter what you do or say, it won’t change the way I see you or my love for you. Keep up entertaining people and know that your next album will be brilliant. Sing your heart out!”

There is a lot more to the message but due to privacy and respect for the mother and son, I won’t post it here. That’s only for Kanye’s private ears.

People deserve second chances and more understanding… These artists are just like us..people…but sometimes more sensitive, and a lot more misunderstood.





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