Penelope Cruz will be an excellent Mother. More children in her future?

Congrats on your wedding and baby!

We were bringing to your attention in our sister blog BabyCelebs411 about Penelope Cruz‘s baby bump. She look amazing and her baby roundness irradiates pure happiness.

Channeling for her,  I noticed a lot of joy coming from her soul during this time. Probably for many of you ladies, is a self actualization as moms and it makes you remember your miracle child. I remember my miracle child, Joshua.

Penelope Cruz and Husband Javier Bardem

In this case, Penelope’s child is indeed a miracle being. You would ask why? Well, this particular child is a gift from Spirit. This Spirit waited for Penelope to be physically and emotionally ready for the motherhood journey. Usually, miracle babies are the souls that HAVE TO come here, in this dimension. It’s quite funny, that these souls want so much to be here with us, that they will find a way to materialize. It’s quite complex but I won’t go in details here.

After a rather decent first semester in the pregnancy, Penelope is bonding through music, metaphors and fresh fruits with her baby. She will make a great mother and there is a high probability of one more sibling.

Angels are saying: This bundle of exuberance and joy, with an infectious smile and adorable face, will teach Penelope self acceptance and courage to transform yourself and your life in ways that you didn’t imagine. With the new baby, I’m feeling new roles for your career and even tough you have a clothing line with your sister, a new baby/kids clothing line is in your future.

The Miracle Baby Bump:) cute..

Angels are asking: Penelope what is it that you truly desire? Please answer that to yourself, but also they are advising for you to “write a new chapter in your life”, which it could mean write a book about your life and experiences and your own movie scripts? Interesting messages for you, very exciting energy and of course I will keep all the other details for myself , unless you would like to know more.

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