Rihanna a duet with Chris Brown?

You are the only girl in the world...

Rihanna will be the opening performer at the 2010 American Music Awards on November 21st . I am waiting impatiently for that as she is always putting on a good show. I like Rihanna as an artist very much, due to continuously becoming more authentic, more creative and bringing to life, music that I like and I can sing along.

There is a whole story behind me singing as a child with my sister, Cristiana, but that’s a whole post on itself, if not a novel:)

Do I have a favorite between Rihanna’s songs? I guess Under my Umbrella would be one of the favorites  the second I started to channel for her, all I see is this huge umbrella. An umbrella of love!  Like I got you all under my umbrella of Love and Forgiveness. It must be symbolic in Rihanna’s life that song, as the meaning is relevant to a dot.

I relate to her when it comes to physical abuse. I was physically abused and it does create a feeling of not being good enough, denial between he loves me too much and how can he hit me if he loves me?

The fine line is actually learned later.

A duet would help you and the World

Rihanna and Chris Brown

I feel for her, as her whole traumatic breakup, and the end of her relationship, was public and left them both , Rihanna and Chris Brown with very little to say. It must be very frustrating not to be allowed to take care of your private life, well, in private!

It became bigger than a simple going back together. I watched her for months and knew how unhappy she is and how much of approval and acceptance she needed. She needed and wanted to know  that the event can be forgiven, not by themselves, which have forgiven each other almost immediately, but  by the media. The media was more of a foe than a friend. But then again, when is media a friend?  Wishful thinking.

Enough was said about that incident, but for sure, that raised the awareness of a lot of people in the process, but most importantly her awareness and his awareness. After that, they both became more mature and better individuals. The process of transformation and releasing the programming from families and the familiar, started.

The change has started and it is felt and expressed in her new album, and also in Chris Brown’s new hit, Wonder Woman.

Angels are saying, that the reconciliation between them had happened. The beautiful part it will be, if media will allow them to remain friends , so we all can see, in spite of everything that love conquers all !  Friendship and Forgiveness means allowing to move forward from the pain, but keep the good memories in place.  Slight chances that the media will present it as an act of forgiveness, but they should do what’s good for them first. Then the Spirit guides said something that even I was at loss of words. Rihanna and Chris Brown, these lovely souls, that believe it or not they still care for each other dearly, will have a duet, a beautiful song, that will make it all better for them and the world. The message will teach real forgiveness and lasting love.

New Awards ahead of you.

Please really listen to Her songs and to His songs…there are many messages in there. Music is Vibrations, and when we like a song very much is because the vibration of the song matches our own energy and we relate…

Music is Therapy, Music is Energy.

Lovely songs, dear Rihanna. Keep up the great work, and I see new awards coming your way soon.




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