Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

Beautiful Souls

I watched the Ellen‘s show today and I am so happy Portia had written a book. Congratulations! This it will indeed help many people, and it will be a great success.

First and foremost, I can relate to many of the issues she had struggle with, the body image , the weight diet race , grieving her dad’s passing and also, as I also have written my memoir which hopefully will be published next year. And, yes, because in my own life there was a lot of struggle and traumatic events, I can say indeed, the process of writing is very therapeutic. It is like you are writing it to yourself, but also, when it is time to talk about it, you feel vulnerable and know, that some people, will not understand, or will voice judgments, or simply hurt you intentionally or not. One thing is for sure, it is liberating !

you belong together

I watched and I cried, for way too many reasons. I am a healer, and every time someone goes through a heart initiation ( a spiritual process of self actualization and awakening) , I get to feel their inner emotions. The transparency and the honesty she displayed on the show, and seeing the protective nature of Ellen around her life partner, moved everyone in the audience and everyone who watched the show.

The whole world love you both

I couldn’t help but notice, the life path of Portia and realize that the essence of her learning is trust and openness.

And with such path, it comes the challenges, as she needed to learn self-trust, self-acceptance, self- approval and self-praising, and after that, trusting that Spirits know their plan for her. All her struggle with anorexia, it is used now to restore the media like body image, so damaging indeed for girls and women.

As she was talking, I could see she is still struggling with what others will think of her choices, and Spirit is telling that for Portia will be beneficent so much if she will ask herself the question:”What if I knew”? This will bring her to the right answer, and core issues of many deep wounds.

Seeing through her pain, connecting with her wonderful soul seeing the love between Portia and Ellen, it is so inspiring to me and for sure for many others.

Real Love

I am 100% sure that Ellen and Portia, have found real love, love that endures everything. They have found each other, and in this lifetime, their soul journey is to honor themselves in authentic ways.

They chose to have impact on each other lives, before they even met.

Once again, their love reminded us that true love means acceptance of ourselves, so others will accept us.

Ellen, today’s show underlined for all of us, that real love goes above all feelings, challenges, and when we love or are loved, those people see our magnificence and greatness ONLY.

Portia and Ellen’s love creates a deep empathic bond, through expression and shared feelings, which unified them and helped them understand themselves and each other. Ellen helps Portia to let go of self doubt, and Portia helps Ellen experience love and the experience of giving. Ellen is one of the most genuine and authentic people I have seen on television and Portia, it is the perfect companion, as she is as genuine and lovable.

There are many things that the guides would love to tell Portia and Ellen, but as I promised, I will never disclose private details about my subjects.


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    Thank you all for reading our posts…on Portia and Ellen the readership is amazing…so is Charlie Sheen and Kathy Perry.. Please let us know what you think…your feedback is very important to us. xoxo GooRoo Girls.

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