Michael Jackson’s message from above…

Today we are celebrating another secular holiday called “All Soul’s Day“, a day devoted to sending compassion, love and light to all of those who have gone on to their final destination. I have to say that today’s post is unusual and very emotional.

Today we get to say goodbye to the talented Soprano who starred in “:The Lion King” on Broadway, Shannon Tavarez. We send Love and Light and easy crossover for the 11 year old and we send our condolences and sympathy to the family. May you young angel sing with the angels and be reminded in sweet.

I have the ability to communicate with Spirits, and all my work is with the help of Spirits and departed ancestors. Today, I have celebrated them, my dear loved ones, that are always with me. I sang and offered sweets and fruits as gratitude for the messages and for the unconditional love that I feel coming from them.

While doing my ceremony, at one point, I felt the presence of Michael Jackson. I was a huge fan. He is the first International Singer, I saw in a concert, live, back in Romania. Dictionary have no words to express my feelings at that time. It was beyond words, beyond descriptions and the concert was genius.

So, today, I had the honor for the first time to connect with him unintentionally. I didn’t know what to say. Trying to find the words, he smiled and telepathically told me: “In the very near future, a young boy with light complexion, will come and sing, and dance so wonderfully, in a way reminding the whole world about me. He is not from United States. He will be bigger than the singer Justin Bieber“. He told me more messages of a private matter that I won’t post at this time. Some quite funny regarding his wealth, now that he passed over.
Now, I have the words and I told him : “Oh how I would have loved to see you again. Oh how much I wished I could’ve meet you, and guide you, and be there for you and tell you how huge of a mission contract you chose in this lifetime…and how wonderfully well you have done it”.
Oh how we celebrate you and we will always have you in our hearts.

** a new music sensation will come soon **

Thank You so much Michael from your message from Above. I am so grateful you chose me, and I lit a light blue color, from the truth to prevail regarding your legacy.

You are missed and regretted!

Also today, connecting with the other side, I remembered and commemorated: Britney Murphy, Farah Faucet, Elvis Presley, Anna Nicole Smith, John Lennon, Romanian singer Mihaela Runceanu and my dear beloved spiritual teachers and guides, who are with me, all the time: Jesus, Edgar Casey, Nicu (my dad), Sasha (brother in law), Maria, Laura, Elena and others.

** Charlie's Angels **

** Light and Peace **

The King of Rock and Roll

Light and Peace

Peace and Light

Sending love to them will be a great complement to the energies surrounding today’s collective consciousness, which is “one heart love”. May they all rest in peace!




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