Lily Allen’s, great sorrow…but there is hope!

I am sorry to hear about Lily Allen‘s sad news of losing her baby. There are not too many words, that can be kind enough, so I will rely on the intention of “being there for her” in Spirit, holding sacred space, for her emotional wounds to heal.

You will smile again...

I was watching a few of her videos, and listening to her song “Smile” and without offending anyone I would like to say: Even though this is a tragedy now, one day soon you will smile again as a new baby will come into your life.

I hope you don’t take this personally. I can hear her asking God/Creator why me? Why is this happening to me ? And I can hear the answers….which now, are not much of a comfort, but they will bring some clarity.

The soul of the baby chose to go back to another dimension, and not have a human experience, due to changing the mind regarding the soul contract he has made. The soul of the baby chose a difficult life, and it wouldn’t match with Lily’s lifestyle. The soul of the unborn baby boy, chose tragic events, and the sensitivity of Lily Allen, would have make it very difficult in the future, for these events to unfold. It might sound strange for many of you, but again, my sayings are coming from a place of absolute truth, from my guides.

You will have a new baby soon.

Lily, this is a time of great sadness, and the last thing you need is someone to tell you what to do. However, I strongly felt the need to let you know a message from your own higher self: “You chose to learn from these miscarriages, especially this last one, to accept life and body in all shapes, forms and conditions. This experience will help you accept your body imagine, and it is a great learning opportunity to overcome unhealthy body image issues.”

It would be so great if you would release with the help of a shaman, all sayings that you subconsciously say to yourself : “I don’t let anything in”, “I want a small stomach”. If you release those, you will heal the pattern of miscarriages.

Angels are helping the unborn baby to heal the attachment he has with you and the father, Sam Cooper. The Angels are also near you, sharing love and a shoulder to cry on.

Oh, a great message came from Angel Paige : “See only Love! Look past the event. Your resolute focus upon life force and love, brings about healing in undreamed of ways”

Many Blessings and reach out.


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