Mariah Carey’s Baby Joy! Angels are singing…

Blessings to you and your child!

” I had a dream!
I had a vision of love
And it was all that you’ve given to me
I’ve realized the dream
And I visualized
The love that came to be ” Vision of Love, Lyrics

I grew up listening and singing my heart out after “Vision of love”, “Prisoner”, “Love takes time“. But “Vision of Love”….oh well is very special, as when I hear that song, I am transcending. I recall the first time I felt that I am in two worlds at the same time,which these days is a lifestyle for me..:) it was when Mariah Carey reached the high notes on her incredibly God orchestrated songs and lyrics. That is called Astral Projection.

I am very happy she’s got her dream. Mariah Carey had a wish to have her own child for since she was very young. I would say, her maternal instincts were pretty heightened when she was a young girl.

You look great pregnant...

Between playing Princess and Doll, the curly bundle of joy played Mom and baby, and yes, in that plot there was always a man, and he always had dark hair! Every single time…

MAriah Carey and Nick Conon

As I look at the picture of Mariah Carey with hubby Nick Connon , I can’t help but feel infused with their happiness. I can feel few or their wishes becoming reality a reality that is dreamy. Oh, My goodness! Are we speaking cloud nine or what? I can’t find words to describe the image of the nursery.The nursery of this baby it will be like anything I’ve seen before in any magazines. Pearlized energy is surrounding the singer and the baby, one heart, one eternal love. Angels are singing and let me tell you, this baby is one blessed, unique visionary. The soul of the baby has already bonded with the parents, with both of them.

“Feel so alive
I’m so thankful that I received
The answer that heaven has sent down to me” Vision of Love Lyrics

Vision of Love

Yes, indeed, this is an answer from heaven!

I am as happy for her as I was when I got my own bundle of joy. I would like to respect her wishes of not knowing the sex of the baby, and refrain from “wishing” as she is very superstitious.

Tears of Happiness

I would like to say only: Your heart will feel a satisfaction you’ve never experienced before. This baby chose you for your soft genuine sensitive side and you are going to write one amazing song to honor this experience. The baby is giving you the gift of love and the gift of acceptance.

May angels be near by!

A big fan,



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