Charlie Sheen 911!

Lovely couple, Soul Family.

Something interesting happen yesterday, as I wanted to pick a celebrity to write about and I couldn’t connect with the ones I wanted to write about. All of the sudden, the spirits brought the image of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen and I wondered why.
Some people might think that I am somehow weird, but I don’t watch news, or TV that much as I prefer to read books instead. So, my knowledge about most celebs are very limited.

Charlie, no need to be 911! You could do it.

Here is what the guides are saying for Charlie Sheen.

After my guides said Charlie Sheen’s name, I looked for news about him and of course I came across the news about Charlie Sheen being drunk in New York, Plaza Hotel. I enjoy watching “Two Men and a Half”, and I am thinking maybe the role of a commitment phobic bachelor, that drinks and enjoys the company of women without becoming too involved, has rubbed on Charlie’s real life? Especially the knocking himself out part! But as surprised as we are the ex wife, Denise Richards was there for him. That impresses me form the spiritual point of view.

I personally like actor Martin Sheen and I see him finding a way to get through his son and help him get away from the off-screen exploits. I see Martin Sheen, once again, coming to help and ex wife Denise Richards wanting and being there for him through his recent battles and offering much needed friendship and sincere understanding in the months to come.

I believe in soul family. A group of people meant to meet in this lifetime and go through different experiences, people that are there when the “tough gets going”. I see among all others, that Denise is one soul that has a bigger connection with Charlie than their marriage and parenting relationship. The past few years, have been a great huge important unlearning of reacting and healthier ways of interacting, big lifetime challenges that Charlie and Denise have gone through. That’s the reason they ended up divorced.
No wonder, she was in New York when this event had occurred, and yes, it had to occur! Certain things are meant to happen, and this incident is pivotal for Charlie. This is “do or die”. This incident is meant to “open his eyes’ and push him to change indeed and also, to raise the awareness about the importance contribution of family and friends.

You will have to bring awareness on the importance of family and friends!

I am so in awe because Charlie Sheen was born on a date that holds a 33 master number vibration. Master Numbers are powerful numbers. They can be extremely constructive on one hand and extremely destructive and fatal on the other.

People born under the effect of Master numbers no doubt, possess special skills and energy but if they are not assigned a Perfectly Lucky Name Spelling then they end up in a struggle, either career or personal life.
I see that his name at birth is Carlos Irwin. A wonderful name with a 9 vibration which makes him lucky to bounce back after suffering through scandals that would have ended many performers’ careers in no time, but not Charlie’s. No wonder he overcame bad press and many arrests!
Black is a color that should be avoided as much as possible, especially when dealing with the law. (** I will insist on this, as I know he loves his black outfits and black sunglasses **)

I am sure with such a master number, Charlie Sheen will overcome bad habits, addictions and self limitations. I intuitively sense that when Charlie Sheen will find ore ways than acting to use his expressive energy, he will be able to leverage his life, and learn positive choice versus destructive choices. He will also learn being flexible , which will diminish the need to react or overreact in violent, explosive ways.

The psychiatric evaluation is not as needed or beneficial at the moment. A better solution will be an emotional evaluation and a “naked” conversation with a kind, sincere and wise soul, who can hear without placing any judgments. Spiritual counseling will be much better and a faster recovery will occur. Yes, kind of guaranteed! I only can send unconditional love for now, acceptance and telepathic messages.

Yes, you can do it!

Yes, there is help available and Charlie Sheen has a chance. Please reach out for his sake, his family and his children.


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