Michael Douglas, saying goodbye?

Royal Couple

I got to read this article in Star Magazine, about Michael Douglas saying his goodbyes and I CAN’T STOP THINKING about it. I am having a huge reaction and resistance of accepting this. I am one of the millions of women who had a crush on Michael Douglas and I love Catherine Zeta Jones, for her awesome talent, especially her Oscar performance in Chicago. Her looks also remind me of my sister, Cristiana.

Catherine Zeta Jones

So, it is safe to say that I love them both.

As I read, I am struck by number 66, Michael’s age. Immediately, my intuition showed me a karmic pattern, a past life illness at the same age as now. I realized that the whole illness comes as a mile stone, being under the number 12 vibration, which means communion with Spirit and unwavering ( blind) faith in His Body’s ability to overcome the throat cancer. I love number 12 vibrations ! 12 is the number of Jesus’ disciple and it brings new life, rejuvenation and spiritual growth. Seeing this I am thinking, he is protected by one of Jesus’ disciples, Andrew, who can make miracles. That makes me happy, as there is a chance for improvement. Oh how I would love to be there to ask these cancer cell to leave his body and replace them with healthier and more supporting cells that have revitalization consciousness! The wonder of Quantum mechanism!

Love is powerful

Michael, you are embraced!

Spirit is telling me, he chose this challenge at such age to teach his soul Divine Assistance and the importance of relying on others.

One message came from Edgar Cayce‘s Spirit, the Sleeping Prophet, saying: “Michael is strong and he can overcome this illness. He needs to accept his son’s latest issue with the law. He will benefit from the vibration of the word “embraced” if he would loudly or softly affirm it as many times as he can”. I find myself sending healing energy to Michael’s throat and I envision him reciting fervently “embraced” ,”embraced” “embraced”!

Well, time to do something I love to do. I will make his painting based on healing art with the hope that anyone will bring it to his family’s awareness. I am painting “youEmbraced”, this being my unique way of Divinely Assisting the one and only Michael Douglas!

I will post this painting as soon as I will finish it! May my angels of healing and Archangel Raphael go and work on Michael’s health now .




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