The message from above for Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Union

Beautiful Couple

Congratulations Katy and Russell.
There is nothing like an Indian Wedding for me. The love out-pours,the sense of community, the beauty of two families joining together, the depth and the connection during the ceremonies it makes it spiritual and intense. The four elements: water, fire, air and earth included throughout the days of celebration, make this ritual wedding complete. The sounds of the Hymns when the groom meets his bride? It feels like heaven and earth uniting all of the sudden.

So in love..

I am sure Katy Perry and Russell Brand chose the Indian Saptapadi (seven steps by the bridegroom and the bride jointly before the sacred fire), marriage being solemnized once the seventh step is taken. Fire purifies, fire intensifies passion.

Love is in the air..

Not that they need any more, because they indeed have a high sexual compatibility, great intimacy and honest expression of inner desires.
The date of marriage from a vibration point of view is a combination of 10 + 5 + 3
The Union is under a lovely 18, lucky number.
The 10 in the month brings prosperity.
The 5 in the day, spiritual protection and depth, a union according to “God” blessed and approved by “Divine”
The 3, self expression, where both partners can voice their desires, requests, likes, dislikes in a very polite and considerate, eloquent manner.

Love, Love, Love

With such energy on the wedding, married life is like an adventure. This union could have “little ones”, very adorable and talented, and soon:)

The challenge of this marriage will be tiredness, due to traveling and many projects at the same time, and temptations.

The gift of this marriage is more creativity for KATY who will create two new number one hits and inspiration for RUSSELL to make a contribution to the world.

The new family will get involved more and more in events of the world, about artistic expression and art education.

I can imagine how lavish the wedding was, how gorgeous the bride was and how teary eyed the groom was.

My life is so unique. Being a clairvoyant I see more than the eye meets. Around 12 PM, Angel Shianna – The angel of Romantic Love was around Russell and remained nearby throughout the whole day. That is impressive. Ribbons of pink energy are flowing from his heart into hers during the moment wedding bands ( which are so simple yet so elegant) are placed on their fingers. They are soul mates, highly compatible, they have been with each other many lifetimes, and they have mastered harmonious living.

Blissful day indeed. I cannot wait to see the pictures in Star magazine!


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  2. Great blog! Please continue the good entries.

    • celebs911 says:

      Thank you so much for reading. We are working hard to make this blog popular as our advise and visions are with good intentions and honesty. Please tell other people to read and subscribe? xoxo GooRoo Girls

  3. i love that ,you know where i cant get it ? Hello from israel

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