Lindsay Lohan, her message from above!

Greetings !

You are a star!

You are a Star! You have always been one and you will continue to be, no matter what!

The following is my personal opinion:

I have been so saddened by the news of her recent trials and I can almost hear her LOUD CRY FOR HELP. So, I was thinking and I‘ve asked Spirit, how can I help her?

From here the only way is up!

If I could have a conversation with her, I would shed a lot of light on core issues and I will provide with a solution and immediate relief of emotional pain.

I have chosen to write in this blog a few messages channeled for Lindsay from a place of genuine concern and from a place of absolute truth, due to respecting her privacy. I got the messages through automated writing, by channeling the one and only sleeping prophet, Edgar Casey.

Dear Lindsay it seems so difficult to snap out of this “fog” you are in , but ahead of you are many wonderful days. You can and you will overcome this. And it can be sooner than you think. Please remember: This shall pass too!

The reasons she can’t stop her addiction because she is trying to replace the high from fame with the high from drugs and alcohol and the core issues about this were not addressed by professionals. What is still maintaining her addictions , are a few limiting beliefs from self worth category and a few traumas, that have been not healed, corrected, understood and released. Some are from this life, and many are coming from ancestors and soul history.

One trauma that is predominantly affecting her now has happened when she was about 5 years old, being singled out as “ugly” due to freckles , by an adult woman not family . This has been implied through condemning looks and attitude toward her.

The second big reason that enforces her need and drive to continue on this self destructive path is a misunderstood rivalry with mother and sister, which challenged Lindsay’s sense of direction and sexual orientation.

Poor self esteem and “I am not good enough” energy is so predominant all over her upper body. It feels almost like a strange entity had attached herself around throat, keeping Lindsay in a way powerless and controlled. This entity should and can be released.

Your future is brilliant!

The solution for Lindsay is healing and soul work. If I could have the honor to serve her and work with me on these challenges, temporary but nonetheless disturbing challenges, I would immediately do a metaprogramming session, a soul retrieval and soul fragments integration. I would bring awareness on many convictions that she has, I would release and replace them with better energy and supporting beliefs. I would love to show her the wheel of consciousness and to teach her some pattern interruption techniques, few worksheets on cognitive dissonance,to mention a few. I would identify her spiritual guides and teachers, names and heritage. I know she would absolutely be delighted if I will bring to her a power animal to assist her and this way, she will be shining and filming, doing what she knows best.

Lindsay’s basic needs are love, stability and adventure. She needs a lot of Divine love yet, as much or even more human love , acceptance , now more than she had ever needed.

Speaking of this, while I type, I see this image of a musical instrument, which is playing a song. Her soul song. I conclude in favor of sound channeled soul therapy. If I would be able to sing to her, her own soul song, her eyes will just smile. Her whole being will rejoice and feel invigorated. I am wondering, what painting would I be guided to do for Lindsay? Oh, I know! I can make one and I will post it, maybe she sees it, and I will make one called “youGenuine”, using the colors of her soul essence , energy healing and channeled art form.

Smile and Believe in yourself!

If she would ever be in front of me to help her with my unique approach, the outcome could be so great and her future could be brighter than before. In her Akashic records, she chose to serve as an actress for a very, very long time, and to make movies as a more mature woman. Oh how I would love to help you !

Too bad she is struggling with her limitations , while a solution is available.

I will go ahead and send her love and a huge hug in energy form whispering telepathically : Girl, you are brilliant! Don’t let the press tear you down. You Can and you Will get back on your feet. Look for more help. Don’t get discouraged. Know that I maintain this highest greatest version of you in my mind , and wish that Spirit will match what I desire for you. The best version of yourself is: You Peaceful, You Loved , You Lovable, You Integrated and You Shining bright !

I would love to just go ahead and help her, but I can’t without her permission, spiritual work doesn’t work being “forced” or in unethical ways though ‘ breaking ” auric fields or “manipulating”. Healing will occur and it has to be according with her heart’s wishes, and with her full participation and agreement.

So , Wonderful Lindsay , or any of her friends, if you read this and you want to try shamanic work , please contact me and I will reach out to you, providing you with a sacred intuitive reading , solutions and instant healing, in privacy.

In the meantime, we all can love her and be more encouraging and supportive of her, letting go of the need to incriminate and disapprove, but envisioning her healthy and happy and free of these addictions. We, as a community, pray for your well being and ask the Creator for your grace!

May Angels be with you!

Blessed Be,

© Copyright to Celebs911 all rights reserved


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